Ki3 at e3!, will it happen?

Well after all the hype ,talk and leaked line up list will Ki3 be at e3?

I for one am praying its true :pray:

It would be interesting…if they could put in work on the basic engine stuff fighters have, rather than just focusing on the combo system.

I won’t be surprised if we get a teaser. There were numerous hints of KI3 in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

I’ll be interested to see if Rare can pull off a new iteration that can still stack up vs. today’s standards. Also, 360 exclusive lol.

imagine for example ssf4 style gameplay/engine combined with the classic Killer instinct (BEEFED UP) combo systems!!

that would be an amazing fighting game! best fighter ever even :wink:

Why does everything have to be like SSF4 in order for it to be good? :confused:

Don’t u want KI to be…uhmmm, KI? :coffee:

Because SF4 is the pinnacle of 2d fighting games.


The only thing killer about that would be how killer slow the matches would be. LAME THAT SHIT OUT!

welll…think about that.

Ki 1: balance nightmare and very very tricky combo system.
Ki 2: The above with a dumbed down combo system.

I mean it was never that great of a series. It was like mk with eye candy and casual fun. It doesn’t really help that Rare has managed to produce nothing of value since it went to microsoft so while i’ve been waiting for this i’m not really thrilled.

Honestly, I would be interested to see a new KI, assuming it was well-produced.

I watched people fool around with KI Gold in a flea market once and it actually seemed like it had a lot of really neat ideas held back by some rough implementation. In terms of the character diversity and weird properties of special moves, it struck me as kinda like the caveman version of Guilty Gear. Get some people on the dev team who are familiar with the inner workings of high-level fighting games and I think it would be interesting to see how a KI revival might turn out…

…unless this happened.

rumours it might use natal

that would be pretty horrible

I doubt it… doesn’t Nintendo own the rights or something? I guess we’ll find out in the following days. If the rumors are true about it using natal, I’m gonna laugh. And then cry.

on the contrary, it would be fucking lame

:rofl::rofl::rofl: best joke ever

Microsoft owns rare though

it will be an Xbox exclusive, ruling me out. Also heard that it will be a part of the natal project…

And if it does happen, it’ll get compared to the new Mortal Kombat.

And neither game will be at Evo.
Sorry L.I.Joe. :rofl:

On reflection I couldn’t agree more, I must of been smoking crack when I posted that lol

You were young and naive