Keystone II Klan & Friends: We took off our chains!

I forgot I had taken my camera to Evo and when I remembered I had it I went on a wild picture taking spree while I was drunk Saturday night for about 2 hours. Then I lost my camera sometime in the wee hours of the morning and found it again Sunday. Snapped a few pics of CVS2 finals.

Sorry I’m in so many pictures.

I wish I would have taken more pictures but I was retarded most of the weekend. Welcome to our newest KS2 Member, Pryde. I’ll get you your shit bitch. Holding down our interests in the EC. Viet+Boston accent is pimp!!

Whatup bitches. Strider giving me that juice. That shit must have had crack cuz I was drunk ass fuck and coudn’t sleep. Security wanted to nab me but I escaped. BLAH…!!!

That loud ass EC asian guy. “Who the fuck are you” Waddup… Everyone I met. EC Peeps, Texas Peeps. My Socal homies. My boys for supporting KS2. I love you guys! 6 dudes from KS2 in Finals! Woooooo…


Shit was fun. But if no CVS2 at Evo, I ain’t going next year. Straight up.

Edit: Please don’t use my pictures without my permission.

whats scary is im pretty positive you can outdrink me, and that in itself is pretty sick.

fun times. if theres no cvs2 next year, come anyway and drink with me. ill double up on the gatorade.

fuck yeah, chillin with you guys and sportin my keystone shirt was the highlight of the weekend. im bummed i didnt get to party in your guys room though, i know i wanted to but i was too wasted to even find you guys.

see you guys in OCTOBER. when i will be a full time keystone member.

LoL I think the loud ass asian guy you’re referring to is me.

Good shit Keystone.

chyea! check out my signature! reppin key stone son!

RANDOMJAMES YOU FUCK. my bar tab was $750, you definitely owe me your sisters holes now. THEY RAN OUT OF PATRON!

wait wait wait… james’ sister’s holes have patron in them???

hey thanks for that free money at 6 am guys! EAST COAAAST!!! Naw good shit guys, keep regulating.

random james



LoL I blacked out hardbody

I rapped you. Dont tell me you don’t remember…?!

KSII shirt is too nice!!! GIVME!

i want a keystone ii shirt.


Damn Albert, Are you trying to create a Keystone Empire like Arcadia in the east coast?:smokin:



Straight up I don’t remember shit.

i don’t think he’s actively trying, more like he’s already accomplished it

Ah wish I coulda made it.

Good shit to all the boys who held it down.


Albert is crazy, Keystone II is out of control

Next year I’m bringing ALL of Norcal talent. This year was just a small sample of what we got. Take even more top spots. KEYSTONE II BITCHES! BET IT!