Keystick tutorial?

is there a keystick tutorial somewhere?
i need to find out how to wire the buttons for directions.

how do i separate the wires plugging into joystick in the best way to connect them with buttons afterwards?

the buttons i plan to use are Sanwa OSBF-24KK x 4 and the wires connector is a standard HRAP3.

Just treat each button like a joystick microswitch

can you describe how?

What aren’t you clear on exactly? Put the ground on one prong, the wire that corresponds to the direction on the other. If you don’t understand which color goes to what wire, look here:

Does that help or are you still unclear?

i don’t know technical terms in English too well :<

each button has two wires, where do i put each? are the spots marked with the red circles correct?

you wire direction buttons same exact way as buttons. For each button, one connect goes to the signal and the other goes to ground.

You definitely need to read up on

The wires need to be separated / cut from the five pin cable if you want to use them with Sanwa OBSF-24KK.
And the Ground Wire needs to be daisy chained.

The Sanwa OBSF-24KK button only has two prongs.
It does not matter which Direction Wire goes where.
One will be the Direction Wire and the other will be the Ground Wire.

Sanwa OSBF-24KK picture for Aquashark

thanks a lot!
it’s all clear to me now.

my arcade… keyboard - with a bit of info on how i made it

I can’t seem to view your blog post.

updated until blog post is resolved

How do the square buttons feel?

they feel really good… i was a bit worried because they’re bigger than on a standard keyboard, but it didn’t matter.

the standard punches/kicks buttons feel kind of big to me, maybe i should’ve replaced them all with the size from Start/Select, which i think is perfect.
oh well, i’m starting to get used to them

That keyboard/stick is so awesome. Nice job ! :tup: