Keyboards at Evo

I asked the people on the Evo FAQ website if keyboard controllers were legal and they responded
Although we support the usage of brook converters, keyboards are not allowed in tournament play at Evo. Sorry for the inconvenience.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to reply to this email.
Best Regards”

Is their any way to make them legal, because I’ve seen which shows someone playing at Evo 2017 with a keyboard or has their been a rule change that broadly bans all keyboards? If their has been a rule change, does anyone know a way to get a southpaw smash box or something similar?

Thanks for your time.

If I can use a keyboard for Super Street Fighter II Turbo at EVO then I will be in 1st place…

While I do understand what your saying about Street fighter II most modern games don’t allow for the same sort of exploits that you could preform in that game with charge characters like guile. That is why I’m wondering why they’re banned because in most fighting games they would essentially act similar to a hitbox with the only difference being that you’re using keys.