Keyboard vs stick?

I’m sure this discussion has been argued about before but I couldn’t find anything very recent. I just watched the video of Roogle playing with his keyboard at Evo. I also play GGPO pretty extensively keyboard myself. Was wondering if any more advanced players have had using this method of gameplay. I have an XBOX controller as well but I prefer the 6 button layout possible with a keyboard. So far the only issue I’ve had is super jumping in marvel games as it requires me awkwardly using two fingers to achieve the same speed that I would with a thumb or wrist.

I use a keyboard to cut costs $8 microsoft wired 500 keyboard. [Edit; It has really nice flat keycaps and rubber with feedback and sound]

If Poker II, Poker or Pure with red or brown MX switches is compatible with what ever you play on I would suggest those.

I myself want to build something like this short render;

There’s some cherry mx red arcade buttons coming out soon but they’re kind of ugly for the style I want.

The reason why I want a joystick is for better spacing. Movement is easier/faster on keyboard I think.

The JLF sanwa joystick is pretty nice and low cost it’s inside of the tournament edition I like the clicking on it really want to build one :stuck_out_tongue:

I just found a 7 year old thread on this matter. Noticed that some people map their directional keys to the actual arrow keys on a keyboard. Does anyone else find that left handed punk/kick input slows with with your left hand? (assuming ur not a south paw)

I’m using
WASD for movement
UIO punches
JKL kicks

VBNM space bar are good for taunt grab ect. if you want dedicated buttons.

I only use left handed movement in fighters.

when a PSP the only sensitivity is on the left side so I swap sides for movement and Aiming doesn’t apply to fighters though.

My setup would also keep the board balanced on my lap if I didn’t have it on a desk.

Using the Numpad for punches or the letter keys?

mapping arrow keys for right hand was dominant before the wasd/mouse fps genre.

I played fighters on pc since 1994 with that control layout.
Same for doom, heretic and similar fps.
It isnt about speed but whether you’re used to it.

Just notice that some cheaper keyboard may have problems in some button regions.

I was using my keyboard when I was on the road and couldn’t really bring my stick. I’d map the movement keys to ASD and then the Space bar for UP (like a HitBox) and then the punches and kicks to the num pad.

Personally I think a stick is the way to go, but I’d rather play on the keyboard than a pad.

Keyboard is just impossible for me, 1/10 of the time I can’t pull off a Power wave.