Keyboard viability

I’m really interested to buy SF5, but currently I don’t have enough money to get a fight stick, would I be competitively gimped if i use my keyboard instead ? (as long as I don’t use SPD characters)

Check out a hori fightpad commander 4. If you are in the US one can be had for 29.99 at GameStop.

Keyboard is viable if you don’t plan on going to tournaments and actually already play on keyboard. I couldn’t if I tried though.

I live in Indonesia and no-one sells fight sticks there, so i’ll have to deal with insane shiping costs no matter what.

Curious though, why is keyboard unviable for tourneys ?

Well 99 percent of tournaments (in the states at least) are played on PS4s. No keyboard support from what I’ve been told. If you can manage a keyboard I would say go for it, there are people here who use them.

Keyboard players use a hitbox when they play tournaments. It’s essentially an arcade stick that replaces the stick with arcade buttons.

If you plan on playing SFV on a keyboard you should know there’s no way for you to rebind keys in-game.

Yea, so you’ll need to have a classy keyboard. You’d want precision so something with mechanical switches, probably cherry mx reds or blacks.
And then a custom controller chip so you can rebind the keys however you want.

I know a guy who used to have a custom keyboard he bought to play KOF on. It was custom made, so you’d have to be to mod your own shit.

It was pretty cool though, looked like he was plugging into the matrix.

I used to live in Indonesia, so I feel you. Didn’t see a fightstick till I went to college. Now I’m modding left and right. But anyway, arcade-stick indonesia sells fightstick but it’s 2 million rupiah. But using a standard xbox 360 controller isn’t that bad.

Whenever I go back to Indo, I bring my parts so I can upgrade my friends pcb and shit. Let me know if you wanna play some SFV, my Indo friend has been looking for some practice partner but since I left, no one can body him anymore kappa.

Buy a nice new keyboard and put that new Brooke PCB in it.

With plinking gone there’s no big downside to playing on keyboard anymore (other than not being able to attend tournaments of course). The only thing you have to look out for is managing your bindings because SFV still doesn’t let you rebind your directionals. You can use AHK for that or use a programmable keyboard if you can find one.

My controller’s broken so I’m using one. other than zangief no issues