Keyboard Users?

Hi everyone, (First post hoorah) I had known about SRK for a very long time and mainly just used it as a means to get information about fighting games, but now I kind of want to get into the community, so to start this off, I am a keyboard user. I get mocked by a lot of people for it, and I don’t care. I was wondering how many of you guys use the keyboard also. This never really crossed my mind until today, when I had successfully landed a 360 rotation on a keyboard while playing Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. I have nearly perfected the 360 and am now working on perfecting the 720. So I guess what I’m asking in this thread is, how many keyboard users are here, and do you have any stories?

i used to use the keyboard back in the day. My brother and I used to play Mortal Kombat 1/2/3 and Super Street Fighter 2 on the PC and we didn’t have any gamepads or joysticks. So we went at it with the keyboards. I always made sure to get the player 2 side because it had the actual arrow keys, I was too lazy to suss out which letters were which directions. :wink:

all mexican kof players in ggpo play on keyboard and they’re beast

I’ve tried it and it’s not that hard really

motions come out smooth

but my problem is moving around

I play keyboard at home normally when I start up an emulated game on my computer but otherwise, I go with a normal PS2 pad for other games.

The thing is that you won’t be able to use a keyboard for tournament matches offline unless you bring out your computer and run a tourney on emulation so I don’t see the point of really getting too good with it unless you want to be a beast online on 2DF/GGPO or something.

Ah HAH! And this brings me to my next little project. I am planning on trying to get my hands on a stick or possibly just a regular controller for the consoles and hard-modding them to be a keyboard. I would love to get this done because I am fairly confident that I could generally destroy the community around where I live, and maybe even be tourney level with some work.

I used a keyboard before I got my Hori stick.

What layout do you use? When I played on the keyboard I had ASDF mapped to up, left, down, right and had the buttons mapped to the 2x3 block of insert, home, page up, delete, end and page down.

Ah, you use a Right-Handed setup. I use a Left-Handed. W A S D to move, U I O are my punches, J K L are my kicks.

keyboard users are the worst. Not only can’t they afford a stick, but apparently can’t even afford a pad. :s

Not enough dedication etc.

Right-handed setup? I used almost the same movement keys as you except I put all the movement keys in a single row… it makes doing 360s and super jumps easier.

I used to go arrows for directions and numpad for buttons back in the day… Keyboard can do a lot of things good. Hadou and shoryu are easy. But halfcircles(I remember in some games at least I needed to keep the previous key held down for a bit as I pressed the next button, to get the diagonal inputs) and 360 take a bit to much work.
Also there’s that issue with how many keys your allowed to press at the same time… What if some game wants you to press directional + ABC?

I use keyboard on GGPO (too lazy to plug in stick). Double QCF’s and DP’s are so god damn easy on keyboard. On stick i’ll be lucky to get double QCF’s out when I actually need it. I used to think Claws super was impossible on a keyboard, but I finally figured it out.

There some major setbacks to a keyboard. 360’s, 2 button throws, Kara’s, 3 button inputs. Thank fully there a bindable buttons that allow you to overcome those difficulties.

The funny thing is, I actually can play some games better on a keyboard than a stick. My execution on a stick is very poor, and on a keyboard I can mash out moves and block much easier. I make Chris’s mix up into super look so damn easy in kof '98.

And this is exactly why I love to tell people about my keyboard. Listen, I am as dedicated as the next guy. It has nothing to do with I can’t afford anything. I don’t WANT anything else. My keyboard works just fine. I’ve been playing keyboard for years and it would take me just as long to unlearn everything and switch to something else. You can use a stick or a pad if you want, I will stick to my keys.

Oh, I’m sorry, I read your post wrong. Well, having the movement keys the way I have them setup now is just more comfortable for me.

I see a few posts about input limits, but these are not keyboard limitations, these are CHEAP keyboard limitations. If you spend enough money on a keyboard (40 bucks ought to do ya) you can get a keyboard with no input matrices blocking multiple key inputs.

I admit that I probably would prefer to use a keyboard if possible in offline casuals and tourneys since I feel my execution is top notch on the keyboard.

I have always wondered if somebody had ever done that. How do you envision your keyboard? Will it be a full keyboard or just the keys needed to play the game?

It wouldn’t be that hard to saw apart a keyboard pcb and case, and then remount the keys in a wooden joystick case. Or you could just take the bottom plastic piece off of a keyboard and mount the top piece plus the pcb into a wooden panel and proceed with your joystick contruction from there. You would need to hack the inputs on the keyboard though by finding the appropriate solder points on the keyboard pcb.

It probably wouldn’t even be that hard though. I bet there are kits out there for building your own keyboards that you could use parts from to build a consolized fighting games keyboard with.

I’m not sure how you hold your keyboard though. Do you use it like you are setting at a computer desk or do you hold it in your lap?

Well in design terms, my idea (which mostly came from playing a LOT of Dan) was 1) Full keyboard
2)regular casing, but design flared up with cardboard and duct tape

I always imagined it looking like a HORRIBLE piece of junk just for laughs. And for holding it, I was thinking of designing some sort of harness type of strap that would hold the keyboard at an appropriate level, and position it correctly with support from the bottom of the keyboard.

A few people have made sticks with no joystick, only buttons. You could check that out.
A Sanwa/Seimitsu keyboard, kinda :cool:

Wow that’s awesome! My only problem when playing on KB is Super-canceling Guile’s Flash Kick–>Super I know the shortcut, but can’t get it to come out sometimes ^_^;;;;

Sounds awesome, and I really wish I could get a stick. I’m most likely going to get a standard controller, just because it would be cheaper (I might be able to get one for free, I just need to wait a little bit).