Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for X-Box & HALO 2

Probably Old News But…

SmartJoy FRAG (Keyboard and Mouse Adapter) for X-Box

Video/mpg of it in action on HALO (7 meg download)

Not bad eh??

I HATE FPS with a standard console controller, I can’t hit a stationary target the size of a building with one, but using a keyboard and mouse I can hit a moving target while running/jumping/falling upside down from miles away no problem at all.

I have already ordered one… roll on HALO 2 X-Box Live. I’ll let anyone interested in it know how it handles, etc etc

i have one. if you have any specific questions i can answer them if i have time. the only fps i can try it on is halo.

Not sure if this thing uses mouse acceleration or not. if it does can you turn it on/off

He’s horrible with a mouse… I prefer playing Halo with joypads for some reason. It feels more catered to playing with one. Besides… that’s how the game was meant to be played…

I wonder how much lag it presents online.

if you play halo with mouse and keyboard u might as well play pc shooters. halo is suppose to be on pad and the game is BUILT for pad. using keyboard,mouse for halo is basicly cheating.

Yeah but I was watching someone on TV use it, it doesn’t work like you think it would. You still turn slow, and there is turn acceleration. It still acts like a pad, but your using a mouse, much different than any PC fps.

:rolleyes: :lame: :rolleyes:

How is it cheating? I play on pad with sensitivity at 8 and can get consistent head shots with the battle rifle all day from pretty far away while straffing/ jumping, or circle people up close dual-wielding and stay out of their sight. What the fuck can a mouse and keyboard do that a pad cant? If u turn slow, crank up your sensitivity and get good with finessing the joystick when they’re far away. Bring that shit. Someone with a keyboard/ mouse throw me a friend request cuz I wanna peep what the fuss is bout

For one, get more consistent and consecutive headshots in a row than you ever could with a pad. Whether the SmartJoy FRAG allows the same precision on the Xbox is another story altogther(cause even I’m not convinced it does). For a better example, try playing Counter Strike on the PC using a gamepad. :wink: