Key and Peele Thread: I looked into the windows of her soul and I said


Just finished watching the latest episode when I realized…this show needs its own thread! Discuss your favorite skits and more… One of my favorite skits this season?


the best skit is still the magical blackman skit. i laughed so hard i had tears…especially at the pentagram part. im still waiting on them to cover black people n anime.

Great show. Key and Peele picks up where Dave Chappelle left off IMO, and I really hope it doesn’t get canned.


Xmus Jaxon Waxon-Flaxon had me weak lol

The college bowl skit was the funniest thing i’v watched in awhile.

I had to keep stopping and rewinding the show because I kept falling over and laughing at the College names skit.

Tough choice between this and Black dynamite for funniest black comedy on tv right now. Boondocks should be back soon also, wow.

Scoish Velociraptor Maloish is actually a pretty fucking awesome name.

and I almost started crying at “EEEEE EEEEEEEEE”.

The show is awesome but some of their stuff from MadTv was pure gold(IMO).

My favorite:

Haha the college skit had me rolling aswell xD basically that whole episode was hilarious. This one was also funny!


Their MMA skit had my almost dying…

Dubstep thus far is my favorite of this season. Luthor the anger translator is always good. I still think of of the best from last season is the Obama free style. Mainstream rap and free-styling are little more than overblown self worship from worthless people so when he says “I’m the leader of the free world.” then drops the mic and gets back in his limo…Instant classic.

The zmalvom X/MLK skit from season 1 is still the best to me, but last’s night’s episode with the First Blood skit had me DYIIIIIING! :rofl:



the “best friend” skit needs a thread of its own.

I liked madtv way better than snl

The funniest skit to me is luthor.

C’mon luthor what’s wrong with you

The little talkie segments are funny. The skit comedies comedy central Had haven’t been close to this quality since chappele

Dave needs to either be lampooned or take part in at least 2 skits, like wayne brady


Titties in my Mouth, i got tig ol bitties in my mouth from different cities

Key and Peele is just brilliant.

I still don’t think they’ve done anything that quite outdoes their soul food diner skit with the two guys trying to out-black each other. but the dubstep skit was really damn close.

Wasn’t there a skit that had the same backgrounds of their faces like the college football skit but it was rappers or presidential candidates instead?

Also, fucking lol @EEEEEE EEEEEEE and “State Penn University”.

The best thing about that skit are the faces they make in the back, they’re fucking priceless.


Not usually fond of US stand up/sketch comedy but these guys are fucking great.

Haven’t caught anything from this season yet, but I loved season 1. My favorite skit was Flicker.