Ken's Ultra Hitbox

Hi, dunno alot about hitboxes, but i was playing ken and i noticed his ultra has a weird range, can someone link me to a video, or show me a diagram of his ultra hitbox? thanks.

That image is not quite perfect for showing you exactly how far the reach of the move is. It reaches slightly less than his far standing jab. The hitbox behind him can cause weird situations where you tatsu through him and get hit from behind him then vaccuumed back in front for the full ultra animation.

Even though the red hitbox is elevated in that image, he will still hit you out of lows.

Oh ok. that’s how i kind of figured it would look but i was curious because of the fact that the first animation ends with a shoryuken.

Also on ken’s move if dhalsim heavy punches or otherwise attacks with an extended limb and ken hits the limb, the move lands and dhalsim warps next to ken for the move to work. Not sure if that’s a bug or not, since it does look like it’s landing as a valid hit as per a lot of other moves, although most moves that hit an extended limb then would miss on the rest of the animation do miss…not sure why you can even hit an extended limb, unless it’s to keep people from overusing the ranged attacks without consideration to ammo count or mag size, so you have to aim each one and not be too predictable…not that attacking the limbs seems to be a winning strategy. ;p

Not a bug, if one hit box touches another hit box its a hit.