Ken's St MP -> SA3

I practiced this on the nFBA emulator.

As you propably already know, you can link Ken’s ST MP to the shippu super art. You may input qcf, qcf, any kick fast enough during the MP animation to activate sa3.

I found a new method which is slower, but it works well (It does in my case, anyway).

Tap D, F, but do not do a qcf motion, because the hadoken will come out. Now, press st MP(connects), immeadiately qcf, LK/MK/HK. You can piano all kicks for better hit confirm.

So its, D, F, ST MP(connects), D,DF,F+ LK/MK/HK or piano all kicks.

Try it. It may work for you, as well.

EDIT: ST MP is the full range/extended MP( far ST MP)

This is a link not a cancel fyi. Unlike Gouki and Ryu’s far st mp, Kens is not cancelable.


This doesn’t seem to work on PS2.

it works in all versions of the game, standing and crouching. it’s far mp btw. it’s a good move for punishing a whiff throw (either baited or on reaction), low parry, or sloppily timed low poke on characters large enough to be hit by it. the position just outside of throw range is a pretty crucial place to understand in 3S and this move has just about all the attributes you’d look for in that situation (fast, can’t be parried low, frame advantage on block, confirmable to shooper). sucks against chun, twins and oro though. just thought i’d try to add something to a really barebones thread.

It works in 3SOE (ps3 version), tested. However, the buff method as described on the first post is slower and it’s not so reliable in match
compared to far st MP->sa3 immeadiately.
I am not sure about the ps2 version. I do not have the console at the moment. I do not see why this trick shoudn’t work there. It’s the same game just faster gameplay.

My simpler test without far MP:

D, F, QCF+K = no Shippu
D, F, D, F+K = no Shippu
QCF, D, F+K = no Shippu

You’re 100% sure you’re not accidentally brushing diagonals in emu and 3SOE?

The combo itself works, but this particular buffer method doesn’t in my PS2 test.

It’s D, F, (tap them fast like 2 arcade buttons), QCF +K/QCF + piano the kicks from weak to strong.

D, F, D, F+K or QCF, D, F+K do not register as a super move.
D, F, QCF+K or QCF, QCF + K activate shippu.

Cancelling Far st MP to shippu according to the buff method, does not always register as a full combo, 10 Hits . The timing is very strict.

Remember it’s NOT a cancel.

Also no offense but this link is one of the easiest in the game. Any kind of “shortcut” developed for this is not necessary, and it will only lead to bad habits and increased probability of missing the super all together. Just learn how to do proper quarter circle forward motions. It will benefit you in the long run.

Buffer during

When I do it I just press if it hits I quickly link the sa3? Idk what this thread is trying to explain? It seems like it’s making it more complicated than it really is

It’s a shortcut if you’re not faster enough to buffer 2 qcf during
I haven’t tested it but d,f,mp,qcf + k should not work.
Mpikkon > have you tested this frame by frame on emul?

I think it felt like a shortcut on emu, but that must not be the case. I have issues performing combos on the standard PS3 pad. Can’t register 2 QCF constantly enough in 3SOE. You just have to press the qcf very fast during the St MP. I was pressing the buttons faster on the PC gamepad and it felt like a shortcut.