Ken vs. Hugo

Okay, I’m have a really hard time fighting against Hugo with my Ken. Takes me a while to get in and I have a pretty hard time staying in. Baiting out 360 throws and simple stuff like that can only take me so far. Right now my worst match up is Hugo, I’d rather fight any other character than Hugo at this moment.

So any tips on punishing and pummeling the crap out of Hugo?

haha i love hugo… well here some tips even though im cheering for hugo hehe… don’t try to stay on him… get 360ed if he knows what he’s doing… crossup ex hurricane kicks can annoy average hugo players I know how to avoid em but this isn’t a hugo thread… if he whiffs a or u can’>super him… main point… don’t rush hugo down

Alright thanks a lot. Guess I’ll just turtle and zone out Hugo for the time being.

Stay arieal.Hes good at grapling and punching.Attack high and fast.Cross up hurricane kicks with shoryukens.Best super art would be #3.Use combo hadoken x super art 3 and kick his ass!

^Don’t know about staying aerial, because Hugo would just do that one jumping throw thing on me if I’m doing an empty jump. I once in a while jump back Roundhouse though. Crossup EX Tatsumaki works pretty well, I know. I don’t like using Strong Fierce xx Hadouken xx Shippu…don’t know why but I have a really bad time doing it, that’s why I do Strong Fierce xx Shippu instead; plus it does more damage.

Hugo is one of ken’s easiest matches.

From max cr. forward range and high/low rh range, hugo can’t do squat.

Therefore, stay at the range, mixing up your pokes. It’s boring, but he cannot penetrate this defense w/out doing random supers etc.

Try not to jump in clean on him, he has a lot of aa options. If you have to, Use crossup ex hurricane, or mix up early and late air attacks.

^Thanks a lot for the help.

EX hurricane kicks seem to give hugo a lot of trouble. If the hugo chooses to stay on the ground it’ll cross up from behind. In the air, it all depends on how well he parries but it can be pretty difficult especially when it depends on when he chooses to take the challenge.

In either case, you’ll dominate the air and land far enough out of reach. The kick tends to come out real fast and combining that with the range it grants not many air grab attempts are made. I’ve been playing my friend’s hugo recently and he doesn’t even go for em, same thing in matches I’ve seen where people spam it all day and the hugo doesn’t even try to counter it other than jump up and parry the shit. If I’m missing something here along the reasons of holding back on air grabbing then someone plz let me know.

If the kick juggles (which is usually does after contact unless crossed up from afar) remember to follow up with a standing fierce.

are u asking on how can hugo counter the air ex???

use sa2 vs ken… grabs him right outta the air…

if u don’t use sa2 this is wat u do… DUCK and ken will whiff hugo… hugo can or ex clothesline ken…I prefer clothesline cuz ur on top of ken and can start mind games

jump back mp or lp… same move mp does more damage and the lp comes out faster so ull have MORE success from doing the lp

Cool thx. Good to know what to do if people try that shit on me.

scrub hugos easy

Seems wrong

Assuming this is about ex air hurricane:

This seems wrong. Can someone check?

HOW DARE U QUESTION MY HUGONESS!!! just kidding haha!!!

Ive discovered, already checked, and used it in real matches… only down fall is if ken is far and ex will hit him even is hugo is ducking…but u can tell cuz ken has to be alot farther than usual, but that just means u can stand block it forward or u duck and block the other way and wait to see if it hits or not

but if ken is at that average distance were he jumps and try’s to ex u can duck it and ken has recover upon landing… shit ive gigas’ed ken’s after a whiffed (whiff a while u spin the stick) but its rare cuz sometimes ken lands farther than the gigas can reach…

that jump back mp stuff from hugo won’t work on ex hurricane… once you see ken doing ex hurricane then it’s too late

if you anticipate it sure… but you’re not going to jump back everytime you see ken starts jumping

Erm, don’t go aireal on Hugo, because one of his supers will finish Ken pretty much in one go…

hugo lizard i like that ur a hugo player… u figured it out vs ken… is an ANTICIPATIONS antiair… yea i do it cuz hugo jumps away and if ken never jumped so what ur out of his xup space…

j.lp has a BETTER chance…yea don’t jump in the air all the time vs ken… the air to air is just another tool u can use… to give u some breathing room

another note… hell yea ken is a hard match for hugo… i usually just use Q vs ken… Q is better vs ken than hugo is… :tup: