ken vs elena

elena’s standing hk is so gay… and the flip kick thing is good too, can’t do much against it. any suggestion on how to fight elena?

Elena is a easy match up for ken. Elena can be beaten with air ex tatsus juggled into double srk. Lp srk is a huge damage maker in this matchup and can be doubled without kara.

I just started playing this match-up, I’m still learning it, but maybe I can give you some tips, and learn some as well…

From my understanding, the only super damage she gets are from her high/mid normals and specials. This means, if she knocks you down with meter, expect something like meaty UOH, and command overhead. She can do cr.LK xx super, which is probably a guess on her part, but this is why you should block low, and expect to react to overheads. Otherwise, she will probably stick to something like tick throws. Her kara throw is good, it’s very Chun-esque.

She can really bully you on wake-up, but Ken can do it a lot worse to her. Try to knock her down, and push an advantage before she does it to you. You can beat her on the ground with good zoning(maybe great zoning, because she is most likely zoning you too), low forward super is your best friend in this match. Try to expect high normals, and guard/parry accordingly. The only moves that must be blocked low are her cr.LK, MK, HK, and df.HK. The Elena that I play will often use df.HK once she starts building momentum, if you block this at any distance it’s a free low forward super or ex fb, if you parry enjoy the double jab dp damage.

Her Mallet Smash(flip kick thing?) is another reason why blocking high is favorable. It’s generally safe if she knows she can abuse it versus you, but if you have a guard/parry high mindset, you should be able to react to it accordingly. The EX version of this move has significant frame advantage, if she starts using this, get an idea on what she likes to follow it up with, in my experience, it’s either another EX or kara throw.

And finally, her s.HK/b.HK are beastly pokes. Expect her to rely on these a lot, especially when dealing with your throws and tick setups. It’s a terrible idea to try and throw her while she is rushing you down, as you will end up eating this 100% of the time. Just block, get out of there, and try to reset the pace. If she’s using this to zone you, be patient and let her be reckless with it and whiff it in your face. Because of this move, I tend to option parry high during tick setups.

As I said though, I am currently learning this match-up so take my advice with a grain of salt. Good luck!

You’re just angry cuz my elena is too awesome :rofl:lol

dont get hit

Dont let c.MP fool you, it can be blocked and parried high.

haha…yah… you are very good with spacing and i've never played against elena b4 so i better learnhehe

hehe…i ate a lot of, i guess you are right, don’t try to throw too much. and the will whiff above ken’s, i find it very annoying, so i don’t use as much against elena, i ususally do a well distanced and tro to mix up after that.
Mallet Smash … i’ll just try to start parrying that …

hmm…do you know jbeezie(samir)??..he tells me this everytime i talk to him about 3s…

yah…i know about it…don’t really have to block low when zoning, just watch for the would be okie.

pretty simple.

she doesnt have a very safe ground game, ken can punish her whiffs pretty easily with sweep or

anti air her (fierce dp, c.fp, jabs etc).

now what can she do?

on defense, she has no threatening hit confirmable low…parry high and block.

if she tries to sweep you you can punish it for free.

rush her down with dash mixups, and setups.

ken beats elena pretty badly.

don’t give her opportunities to hit you with in a punishment situation. (e.g. no wakeup dumb shit), and ken doesn’t really have to offensively jump at all in this match.

I rather spend my time focusing on beating that bitch yun then elena no offense, not saying elena sucks, i do get beat badly by elenas sometimes, but there are to many yun players out there and yun is a to much of dominate character to focus more on elena then yun.

also ex fireballs are good against elena because her jumpin game isn’t very good.

right…i almost never use ex fireball…

Goes against what Epsilon said, but I think it’s worth mentioning. Elena is one of the easiest characters to cross up with jump mk. So if you do choose to jump offensively, you can go for cross up mixups (follow up with throw, strong fierce, low short short). If Elena is crouching, b+mk will only connect on the second hit. That said, it is easier to defend against (poke you out, block high, whatever she wants) and harder for you to confirm.

easiest way to beat elena is to go for your standing parries a whole lot, she has no ground game like many ppl said so dont be afraid of her sweep. jus parry forward and take advantage of the fact that u dont need to kara to shoryu her ass mid screen. and just look out for grab, treat her like a way less dangerous chun