Ken vs Chun-Li

Hi guys, here’s a quiky I just wrote on the spot in the editor. See if you can guess which match it’s from!

It’s deep in the third round. One KO each.
Ken Masters looks deep into his soul. He is down by a seemingly insurmountable amount of damage. Chun-Li runs into the corner. Fireball. Parried.
EX Fireball. Parry, Parry.
She may as well be unbeatable. Her smile widens slightly as he attempts to rush in. A standing medium catches him hard in the chest. Walk back. Another Fireball… A hit!
She tumbles to the ground. Ken rushes to stand over her, panting heavily. She heaves herself up. Suddenly, rage and contempt for this little girl who is beating him rears up within Ken. He grabs her collar, and throws her back to the ground. A couple of reckless punches. All blocked. She jumps over him, hutly pursued by another fireball which she parries.

The two competitors stand at a distance. Ken thinks back to his training.
Gouken, always favouring Ryu. Perfect Ryu, with his solid fireballs, and 1-hit shoryuken. Perfect Ryu who can beat anyone. Ken steeled himself with a new determination. Nothing could stop him now.

Suddenly, Chun-Li stopped feinted and was next to him, kicking hard and frantically, seemingly everywhere at once. Parry, parry, parry… The hits seemed to slow down. The shadows of his past came back to Ken. Gouken yelling…
Jump… parry… parry…

Kick her in the face! That felt good! Hit the ground, straight into a devastating combo. The feeling as her body crumpled into the ground was like no other Ken had ever felt…

Not re imagining, this is basically just a recap of the match.

pulitzer prize work right here