Ken Unblockable?

I have a problem online where %95 of the Kens I run into always get me with a cross up -> target combo -> what ever the hell they feel like.
Everytime I try to block the other way there’s a 50/50 chance of it actually blocking the cross up. But,even if I do block the,I can’t seem to do anything about his follow up afterwards. I’m still show in my block stun animation,but I still get hit with the full combo anyways. I haven’t been able to parry/red parry it either. I’ve even actually parried the before and I still can’t even block Kens follow ups. Is this a true unblockable and/or is it just something you HAVE to red parry?

there’s nothing unblockable about it. you block the follow up using the same direction you used for the crossup. if ken hits with the crossup very high, you should easily be able to blue parry anything he does afterward. forget about red parrying for now until you can block this pattern consistently.

I’m guessing SFIV doesn’t have cross ups.
Learn to block correctly, kids.

I am blocking the same way I blocked the cross up. I can normally block cross ups just fine. If I didn’t I would be posting threads bitching about them all the time. lol
I’m saying that I get hit no matter what. Whether I keep blocking or try to parry. This is why I’m asking because I know the follow up should be getting blocked if I’m holding the same direction,but it isn’t.

Well,I guess it’s safe to say that it must just be some weird online shit.

/thread please.

Great advice, not pedantic at all!

Really? I found his advice rather shallow AND pedantic.

He’s one of the resident agitators. Don’t talk to him.

As for OP’s issue- SF4 was the game that made some jumping normals into unblockables.
In this game, it takes meter most of the time to do anything of the unblockable sort. The most obvious example is Denjin.

with practice you’ll learn to see which side to block. As a last resort when it’s truly ambigous (rare instance once you’ve learned the spacings), just block at the last possile moment: this way you either block if you guessed right, or parry with the same input