Ken Super Arts help

Im trying to find a good super art for Ken to master.I cant do any of them(yea,Im a newb.Get over it).Can anyone help me?



ignore Keni’s post. he uses Shoryureppa :lol:.

stick to Shippu Jinrai Kyaku. aka, SA3.

links off of lots of normals, has great range, has 3 bars and fast start up.

things you’ll have to learn to use with SA3 are as follows (x denotes a cancel, xx denotes a super cancel and -> stands for a link):

  1. c. short, c. short xx super - extremely useful. once you get used to it, it’s an easy way to hit confirm into the super. c. shorts also set up Ken’s throw game quite nicely.

  2. s. strong, s. fierce xx super - another easy hit confirm. you can cancel s. fierce into Hadouken then super cancel into the super if you’re having difficulty with just s. strong, s. fierce.

  3. c. strong -> super - probably his most well known link. c. strong is a great normal. quick and has pretty good priority. lots of time to go into the super using this. only drawback is that c. strong is a high only attack. that means people can block it high or low and parry high or low. on opponents getting up, that makes c. strong a not so good option. with c. shorts they must block/parry low and with s. strong, s. fierce they must parry high.

  4. back + forward kick -> super - it’s a little easier to see coming due to the kick’s start up, but it’s still something you wanna learn. adds to Ken’s high/low mix ups.

  5. s. strong or s. fierce x strong Shoryuken xx super - Ken’s most damaging combo without a jump in. use this when your opponent whiffs or misses on uppercuts or supers.

  6. UOH -> super - this one will take some practice. not that it’s tough to do the motions or whatever, but spacing is critical with linking into the super from the universal overhead. aka, leap attack. if you’re not familiar with the terminology, the UOH is done by simultaneously pressing the middle punch and middle kick buttons. for UOH to link into super, you have to be at the max range of the move so that Ken is already on his way down when his fist makes contact with your opponent.

  7. c. forward xx super - this and c. short, c. short into super are probably the 2 you’ll come across most often. the Shoto c. forward is probably their most used normal. and for good reason. it’s relatively fast and has good range. use c. forward xx super to punish laggy sweeps or whiffed throw attempts among others. as time goes on (provided you do practice), you’ll be able to treat this cancel as a link. the really good Ken players can cancel their c. forwards into the super on reaction.

give’em a try and just keep practicing. if you wanna see the above in action, try to get some match videos.


I must ask,where can I get the match videos?I want to learn all the combos I can before the end of the summer to go to some tournies in New Orleans.

Go to . They have a large selection of videos to watch which should get you started.

Get down and be very consistent with…
c.Short, c.Short xx Shippu

s.Strong, s.Fierce (xx Hadouken) xx Shippu <—s.Strong, s.Fierce xx Shippu does more damage, the Hadouken weakens the Shippu.

c.Forward xx Shippu <—Yes, I know that’s pretty easy and the first thing you learned from Ken, but it sucks ass when you mess up on it.

You’re not complete just be learning those 3 comboes, but in my opinion those 3 can set you up for hell of a lot of mixup options.

This is a little off topic, but learn how to dance with Ken. What I mean is that on knockdown walk back and forth, crouch stand really fast, or do some unorthodox moving with him. It’ll drive your opponnent crazy, and do some dodging with the back dash. Don’t go overboard with dancing though, you might eat a wakeup super.

Dash Back c.Forward xx Shippu <----The shit.

uh it does 1 point less damange with the hadouken. so just stick with whatever’s easier.

yes it is. especially if your opponents love to throw on wake way to use it.

To add to the post above about, once youre there, go to the videos section, then New Match Videos, and look for the Kyushu Taikai matches. There are a few great Kens in those videos. Or of course, anything with Daigo in it will do, lol.