Ken mixups and frame traps?

Hey so ive been hammering xbl with Ken and i really like him, im not some combo wizard so a simple shoto is fine with me and i win with just better zoning and footsies and very simple mixups.

I tend to go for kara throws and ambiguous jump ins with m. kick, i mean this works welk if the opponent is crouching or if it lands in front when it really looked like it was going behind but to me this seems a bit basic and it might work in the first round but after that i feel like i tend to go into patterns. I get the feeling that no matter what i do the opponent just always seems to guess right, they either block my jump in and my blockstring, if i go to throw them they either tech or reversal me etc.

so i was wondering what are some other mixups that are a bit trickier to use with Ken, for example what could i do in this situation. i sweep the opponent and i just walk up to him, now he thinks im gonna throw so he mashes throw, now i have to throw now to tech it or i get thrown, are there any other things i can do in this situation for people who think im gonna go for a throw? Also what are some good baiting techniques and frame ttraps ken has and just general better mixups. I also never really use focus attack, how do you get into practicing focus cos i always get jabbed out of it i just cant get the right time down to use a focus. Also tatsus, i never really use em unless its an ex air to air, i really want to get soem practice in with crossd up tatsus, but do i use the light and medium versions or is it only the ex?

all help appreciated but all in all i think Ken is an awesome character very solid and good fundementals.

If they’re going to stand tech, go for a meaty cr.LK.
If they’re going to crouch tech, time an attack to beat their cr.LK.

Very simple mix-up:
Brackets for strings, arrows for alterations.
(cr.MP, cr.LP)
>Kara throw if they’re not gonna tech
>Stand MK if they’re gonna push a button.
>Overhead if they’re just gonna block.
>Let them whiff a normal then Kara throw.
>Walk up poke if they late tech.

Use focus attacks outside of their quick rapid attacks.

LK or Kara/EX for forward jumps.

I cannot hit people with frame traps it seems people dont fall for 2-3 frame traps anymore because they are too fast? What are your effective techniques for landing frame traps…
ie. i go for blockstring kara throw to condition the tech which they do…but when i start trapping them it never works.
I think its because I use tight traps like c.lp, but i really like the all around versatility…
What are your ideas for landing CH…do you wiggle bait things…do you use the, stuff, or do you spam step kick “traps”…or do you Yolo srk trap to spend meter…or do you go safe mode traps into fireball…

Delay the trap slightly and see if it works if the tight ones aren’t working. You pretty much have to find their tech pattern.For stand teching, I think jab, very slight pause, jab -> combo should work against those pesky stand techers :slight_smile:

What i have is the person i play against is absolutely schifting himself for Throws because I threw him so much in the past lol so how do I punish this. Every jump in I do that gets blocked, if I walk up to him etc it doesn’t matter but I’m being forced to throw just to tech his throw attempt how can I punish this, I mean he’s not crouch teching it’s just the first thing he goes to when he gets on his feet and I’m close by. Surely I can punish this? But how, I dont want to get thrown myself and if I’m not quick I will be…

When he is knocked down you can meaty a move: meaning you stick a crouch mp before he wakes up so he wakes up into…combo into
You can do instant overhead with j.hp on some characters.
You can also shuffle in and out of his throw range then kara throw him when he whiffs a throw or tech. Mix it up with focus attacks from that range to stop his longer pokes.
You can also just dragon punch…or even ground tatsu crossup for the kill

But id he stands and Throws does he not simply grab you out of the Tatsu? Im definately gonna try the meaty attacka cos literally he just stands up and Throws lol so i really wanna punish that and Ads another option to me just kara throwing him and getting it teched constantly or me trying an attack and just getting Thrown myself…

Also does a shoryuken beat a throw attempt?


Walk up next to him and as he gets up just walk backwards out of his throw range. Kara throw to punish. You could also do the fake overhead and hit a meaty The most important thing to realize is that a lot of players online are so auto pilot that they can’t be conditioned to more than one thing and most won’t become conditioned at all. It’s up to you to punish dumb, linear play. Trust me, most online players kill themselves.

I can tell you haven’t played much online.