Ken Master(s) Class




ok i quoted the original post i will be updating the first post regularly and all Info that everyone must know will be put here.

Every thursday from 19:00 - 22:00 CET (for other timezones check below) we will be holding Ken master(s)class.

due to possible lag issues maybe it will have a 2 week configuration meaning:

week 1: Americans and Europeans are playing in serperate lobbies

week 2: Americans and Europeans are playing in mixed lobbies

I am still not sure about this since I am hoping we all can play together and lag wont be much of an issue

i will create a PSN-chatroom and i will invite everyone who wants to attend next thursday around 18:45 to the chatroom.

everyone who wants to help is invited, i dont care if you are Dr. Chaos or shoryuken spamming noob number 25436547.

I will try to record as many games as possible and put them in a compilation vid in youtube. my youtube channel is:

and as a prologue to the Ken master(s)class I will upload a Ken mirror spar vs Hooko28 this week.

I ask everyone to respect every other player no matter what. We are here to help eachother and have fun, nothing more. helping eachother also means giving eachother criticism, so please accept any tips, suggestions and contructive-critique without to much “yes but”, take the info you need and ignore the rest. also PLEASE don’t be shy to give tips to other players, i know it will sound weird if you are giving suggestions to much better and higher players but if you think: “i would have done it differently” TELL US! then maybe we can say: hmm thats not such a bad idea and then we learn from it, OR we can say, I see your point but this way is better because… and then you learn from it.

so far we have

psn name (forum name - forum - Country/continent)

1 CorridorsOfTime (Santaclaus/Me -sf4f - Netherlands/Europe)

2 Jamted_12 (BLINK - sf4f - UK/Europe)

3 ImagineVC (ImagineVC - srkf - US/America)

4 lilsicx66 (lilsicx66 - srkf - US/America)

5 Hooko28 (Hooko28 - sf4f - Iceland/Europe)

6 jilla527 (no forummember -Netherlands/Europe)

7 Qn-Lisa (Qn-Lisa - UK/Europe)

8 G4deTRIX (no forummember - UK?(not sure)/Europe)

9 SFCCL-SALonghorn (SALonghorn - sf4f - US/America)

10 Raziel_Sinister (Grand Master Adon VII) - sf4f -???)

I think thats the most important stuff keep it coming and keep the Masters legacy alive!

original post

I would love to participate, but unfortunately i only have xbox >:(.
Good luck bro

Hey there. Welcome to the Ken forums.

I’m on XBL so I couldn’t do anything on PSN–would be great if XBL had a Ken team, but if you start one on PSN then I’m sure you’re level all of us up by streaming it.

Plus everyone can hop on a friends xbl/psn to play certain people on a different system when they want to.

im down for your idea. count me in.

ok will do. i’ll put the matches on my youtube channel if you like?
thanks for the positive reactions btw :slight_smile:

ok i’ll put you up on the list bro!

I’m down

ok you’re on the list i will start adding you guys on psn in the next days.

i’ve decided to go through with it no matter how many players will attend so thurdays it is :smiley:

i’ve updated the first post and will keep updating it
the best time to organise this (for me) is from 19:00 - 22:00 CET every thursday but i am willing to to do it from 20:00 - 23:00.

19:00 - 22:00 CET (european time)
18:00 - 21:00 GMT (uk time)
13:00 - 16:00 EST (new york time)
10:00 - 13:00 PST (california time)

or 1 hour later if on high demand :slight_smile:

With the lag its gona be ruff lol

crap now that you mention it, that WILL be a problem :-/. however i’ve heard you guys are seriously good and thus great people to learn from and besides you are ken fanatics so i dont want to lose you guys :slight_smile: we need to figure a way to soften this problem. i think i will do it this way: week 49 i will split euro’s and american region and will do so in large lobbies. week 50 we will mix euros and americans in small lobbies (up to 3 players?) week 51 regionsplit-largelobbies, week 52 regionmix-smalllobbies, then week 1: MIX UP! regionmix-BIGlobbies. sounds good to anyone?

if the region mix doesnt work out are you guys ok with sparring anyway vs me alone? because i’ve only played 1 seriously great Ken so far and he’s from my own country (the best ken i’ve encountered until now) and i can only improve from getting my ass beaten by guys like you.

i usually dont have a problem with lag against americans

i updated the first post, i’m still very reluctant to biweekly split up the american and european regions because i hope we can easily mix up and play away!

also IF everyone decides to show up we already have 9 participants which is way more than i expected! this is fantastic, even if in the end only a few show up! thanks everyone! :smiley:

ok its exactly 24 hours untill the first ken masterclass and i just posted the video’s in the first post which is the PROLOGUE! please watch!

11 HeavyCura (H. Alpizar - SRK - US/NA)

Good idea, but i’m far from a pro.

PSN = MoroccanJack and i’m from Canada

i wish it was on xboxlive :mad:

if this is still going on send me a chat room invite on psn. name is Noritzu. i consider myself pretty solid with ken but ive got a lot to learn still.

I’ll talk to Santa about getting this started up don’t think it actually got underway. Apparently PSN is up tomorrow so we shall see. Let’s try and get some games next week or the weekend if it is up. I’ll remind Santa of this thread.

I’m in.

someone pls make an xbox version for this

if i’m available ( i should be) i’ll play, i’m solid with ken. i can only catch the last hour of it for a few more weeks, but my schedule is changing soon so i will be able to do it regularly

PSN: darkTown2