Ken is secretly DEADPOOL!

What issue is this, I MUST KNOW! THIS IS EPIC!!! That’s right, Deadpool Dragon Punching Kitty Pryde.

IF i remeber correctly this is a comic in the wolverine series…Wolverine ends up impaling Deadpool over his head. funny stuff from Deadpool as usual

Damn that shit’s old.

^Seriously. Jesus probably owned that issue.

Deadpool 27

This is why everyone should follow the SRK Battle Polls. Nemesis got a lot of votes representing Deadpool because of that page last year.

Deadpool vs. Dan going to sudden death in the BP was the best/worst unintentional thing ever. In the event that another crossover happends, that would be the shit.

If Deadpool would of been in MvC2, they he’ll probably be God Tier.

Is it Udon by any chance?

No that’s from a Marvel comic.

I’m sorry. I know this thread is old and what, but can someone please tell me how exactly you impale someone overtheir head?

ROTFL! first time I’ve seen that and its hilarious! :rofl:

Deadpool is so off the wall.

This is one of the many reasons why I love Deadpool. The guy’s just so carefree when it comes to acts of violence.

Avatar, time.