Ken artwork. Can anyone help? Will pay for work!

hey guys

i’m looking for an awesome ken artwork for my arcade stick
i’ve come across a really cool style i found on animewallpapers

but it’s in chun-li.
was wondering if anyone can make a ken version of it and use red (like ken) instead of the yellow.

pm me if anyone is up for the job. price can be negotiated. thanks all

*someone recommended me here from the trading outlet. saying there are amazing photoshoppers here :slight_smile:

***thanks a lot tat guy. didn’t realize the link didnt work =X

this is the ken picture i would like to have it TRANSFORMED into the chun-li wallpaper style

Your link doesn’t show the wallpaper

thanks tat guy. i fixed the link

Do you just want his hair, skin, gloves, and belt to show and then blend everything else with the background?

Not sure I can make it look as good as the Chun one, but I’ll try to give it a shot this week.

Oh also, you are probably going to have to print it at 150dpi or 200 or something. That picture is pretty small for 300 and won’t take up nearly the same amount of space as the Chun image does.

Pretty good, I fucking suck at vector, I don’t have the patience.

real good! That looks outstanding.

wow thats super nice …

:pray: Top Tier material!!

Would love to learn how to do that :rock:

cool stuff dragonkahn


I found some old att MvC2 videos I had of you :wink: Good to see you are still active. Your damn dragon wallpaper from way back when is all over the damn place. has one for almost every distro (linux) out there. keep up the great work!