Keepsake boxes for custom sticks?

I’m trying to look at some options for building a Happ-based custom stick. The main issue for me is the box. I have no woodworking tools, and all the custom builders here seem to be either way backed up or don’t build for Happ. One thing I thought of was possibly using those “keepsake” wooden boxes and then finding someone or somewhere I could just drill the holes I need. Has anyone done this or know of a good way to get something that’s (mostly) predone?

if you have no woodworking skills build a box even if the box is done wont be easy, after drilling and the joystick needs to be perfect hight so that takes some routing too, and you know how to solder a pcb for the box? and getting the stick and buttons are pretty back ordered too, unless you have those already

There’s a guy on eBay (09 member here) selling Happ boxed for stupid cheap - like $25 shipped. Go dig around eBay for custom sticks and you should come across it.

I’d also recommend getting a SFAC stick and adding Happ parts to it. These have come down in price since the SF4 hype died down.

Yeah, I looked at the SFAC sticks, but I really don’t like the straight across layout, especially for eight buttons. As far as soldering skills and such, I’m fine there (I’ve dual-modded my SE stick with a PS1 pad). I just lack the resources to work with a bunch of blank wood.

do you mind PMing me a link, or is it against the rules and i should just run around ebay looking for it?

^ A search for “custom arcade” will get you to it. I don’t want to skirt the rules especially since I’m expected for enforce them.

Heh, I think I found the one you were referring to. Seemed kinda…eh. I actually found a pretty nice one while I was searching for $70 with free shipping that was made of all poplar and even offered to stain it for free. I went ahead and picked it up, it should suit my purposes nicely and look good as well. Though once I get my hands on some extra resources, I’ll definitely make my own custom 100% from scratch :wink:

I remember that guy
Super low price on Cases.

I don’t remember his SRK Handle.
But I do have his eBay.

Haha, I’m so used to dealing with cheap people that I’m glad to see something dismissed as too cheap. $70 shipped for a stained case is great.

Just thought I’d put up a couple pics of the case I bought:

Obviously the last pic is not what I’m getting, but how it’ll look when done. I really think I’ll like it, especially for the price. I think I caught the auction pretty early in its listing, but I’m sure the seller will have more in the future.

I just bought an AC, Wanted to put happ into it but i’m reading that happ has dropped in quality? Should I go IL?

For the buttons, it doesn’t really matter, but for the sticks, definitely go iL. I bought a couple of Happ sticks for my MAME cabinet a while back, and they were damn near impossible just to put together. The pieces of the iL stick fit together much more smoothly, despite being the same basic design. I bought two iL sticks to replace the Happs and I couldn’t be happier with them.

if you are interested I will have a case for sale soon, happ comp stick+buttons, painted mdf+clearcoated for durability, right now i’m wiring it for ps1/2

I use the Happ Ultimate Sticks in all of my builds that I sell and they work great. I have no idea of where/who actually manufactures them though.

For me it seems the HAPP ULTIMATE and SUPER joysticks work a little better/more reliable than the Competition ones.

Happ ultimates are usually regarded as the bottom of the barrel of American sticks, just fyi.

I dont know much at all about american sticks but I thought happ was the only american stick

Happ used to get iL to make their comp sticks (im not sure about others), but they recently decided to make the sticks in china because it is cheaper, but it is a lot worse quality now