Keeping Phoenix on a leash

Ok, so my friend usually plays Tron, Sent and Phoenix and my biggest problem is that when I do succeed in snapping her in, she runs away like a little b****. I need help finding out how to keep her locked on the ground and unable to teleport. I dont remember what assists he uses for tron, but I noticed that he barely ever calls Tron in for an assist anyway (oh, and he uses charge drones assist for sent). If you want to watch a match between my friend and I, go to and watch my matches against madrm01 (you’re not obligated to, its entirely optional…I only mention it because some people need to watch to see what is going on).

All in all, I need to keep that whore grounded and I am not having an easy time doing that.Thanks

you want a assist that pursuit her ? theres only Strider Vajra that does it =p

any assists to help him do that longer? I know he can’t do what he could in mvc2 and keep people locked in for a very long time but theres gotta be assists that come somewhat close to that.

hidden missiles!

Stop mashing s on block you look like a scrub… And just use vajra on her just make sure you have an orb attached to you.

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