Keeper-jin / HP loop

I haven’t played 3rd Strike in quite some time and had heard a bit about keeper-jin so I looked up some videos. I noticed the regular keeper-jin combos have cr.foward, then I found [media=youtube]MlUgxXgm12A[/media] which looks like just karaed HPs with an mp instead? How does that damage compare the the cr.forward version and kara palm combos (not that either are practical). It looks to me like the kara HP/mp combo would do more damage than kara palms unless the the palm combo is started off a mk launcher.

I’m working on the Hp loop AKA “Maeda-jin” right now and it actually seems easier to learn than Keeper-jin was.

The easy way to do it is to exploit Genei jins ability to negate the recoil from hits/blocks by inputting directions during the recovery of moves, (this is how walking kara palm works).

Basically the input is mp~hp, followed by a forward directional tap toward your opponent. The forward actually keeps Yun closer to his opponent after the hp recovery than it would without allowing for another mp~hp to combo and repeat.

So essentially it is: mp~hp, >, mp~hp, >, mp~hp, etc.

The only tricky bit is timing the forward input during the recovery of your hp and not before to prevent launching them with a towards xx hp.

Oh and if you don’t think it’s practical well then: