Keep my cthulu or swap to ps360?

I have a custom stick currently using an Mc cthulu and rj45 cables for my consoles. I recently got a CronusMax pro mainly to use my xbone elite controller on ps4 but I want to use my stick as well, although it seems it’s not compatible with the cm. So now I’m wondering what’s the best bet to add next Gen support without spending too much money?

  1. Take out the cthulu and put in a ps360? I can keep most of my legacy system support (as far as I can tell ps360 doesn’t do gc and there for wii or ssb4 on wii u), and the ps360 appears to work with the cm just fine.

  2. Keep the cthulu and get a ps2 to 360 adapter like xtokki, then plug that into the cm? Seems like the cheaper option but not sure how layering converters like that would affect control. Also, have never tried using a ps2 adapter on the cthulu ps2 cable but no reason it shouldn’t work right?

I know dual modding is an option but I’m not sure I’m confident enough in my skills to attempt this yet.

Keep the Cthulhu and get a Brooks adapter as they are compatible with the Cthulhu and PS360

Never chain adapters, that a good way to get drop inputs and have your controller to lag.

I saw those, but i dont see one for 360. Plus I would have to buy like 4 adapters at $35 each, I’m better off just swapping out the board at that price.

They also have a Board similar to the PS360+ that supports PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

What is it you all trying to support?

Also the Chronus Max isn’t well liked here for a number of reasons, but mainly its banned in tournaments.

I currently use it on ps2 dreamcast xbox ps3 and pc. I was using it on wii but don’t have a wii anymore after we got a wii u so I’m not terribly torn up about losing that. Mainly considering using it on ps4 for sfv and xbone for ki. I got the cm to use my elite controller on 360 ps3 and ps4 so I was trying to figure out a way to make it work here. Not really concerned about tournaments I don’t play in any.

I saw that brook board which looks really cool but I would have to dual mod which I’m not really looking to do at the moment.

If u want legacy support and next gen support I’d just get the ps360. Your CM will have no problem using it on ALL current gen consoles, + u can play most of your legacy consoles using your ps360. CM is a fine product if your not a tornement player and is a much cheaper solution than buying a bunch of super converters to basically get the same results u desire. I’m sure I’ll get flak for saying the above, do what works and saves u money. In the end u will get the results you want.

I’d actually just dual mod it with the Brook Universal Fight Board, it has current gen support and you’ll get to keep your Cthulhu.