Keep It Classy 3 - Edmonton, AB (May 4th, 2013) SF4AE, SFxT, UMvC3, Injustice, Brawl

Keep It Classy 3 (May 4th 2013 - Edmonton, Alberta)

Date: Saturday May 4th 2013.
Venue Opens at 10:00AM.

Hosted by Edmonton Gamers and The Comic Books and Games Club.
Will be streamed on our live stream channel, found here

Registration will start at 11:00 AM, tournament will start at 1:00 PM.

Location: Macewan City Center Campus Building 6 Cafeteria

OFFICIAL TOURNAMENTS: Super Street Fighter IV AE, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Street Fighter x Tekken, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, King Of Fighters XIII and Pokemon Black 2 / Pokemon White 2.




12:00 pm

Injustice: Gods Among Us
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012

3:00 pm

Pokemon Black 2 / White 2
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom
Street Fighter x Tekken

General Tournament Format and Rules


$5. If you bring a setup, you don’t have to pay the venue fee.

Game Entry for Street Fighter x Tekken Singles: $10.00
Game Entry for Super Street Fighter IV AE: Singles: $10.00

Game Entry for Smash Bros Brawl $10.00
Game Entry for Pokemon / Black 2 White 2: Singles $10.00

Game Entry for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Singles $10.00
Game Entry for Injustice GAU: Singles $10.00

I added in rules, can we get a sticky please?

You should probably fix the dates in the opening post because you have inaccurate information.

Pokemon tournaments? Aww shit!

I fixed it.

Where is the sticky at ?

Killey are you entering the event? Would be nice to see viper in either game =/

No idea yet.

If I do go, I doubt I’d enter Marvel since I rarely play it.

KOF has been cancelled and replaced with Injustice.

So it’s all on Xbox right?

sorry brad, would love to come but I’m getting possession of my house on the 3rd. good luck with this

Yes, Xbox only. It’s not really my tourney btw, it’s Shiro’s but I’m helping him with stuff. The university tourney will be some time in June.

Since the kof tourney is cancelled is it possible to get a casual station? I’m being told theres a few players in edmonton who are looking to learn the game but need some help, which pj and myself are willing to do.

I’ll be a pot monster for sf4 as well. Lol

Ask Shiro. I might bring a console, and I’ll bring my copy of KOF if I do. No guarantees though.

please review the tournament format sticky thread and make the appropriate changes, after that I will sticky this.

I can’t stay the whole time, but I should play just to take duskbringer out and then drop out afterwards.=P

zomg collusion.

I’ve confirmed with Shiro that there will be a casual station for KoFXIII. PJ and I will be helping any new players who want to learn the game.

Is the OP good now?

I am going to try to make it but I doubt I would be able to be there as early as 11 am for registration. This would be a lot easier if my uncle did not want me to grab him the free comics during free comic book day as he is going to be in Toronto so I have to do it for him.

Been meaning to make the trip out to Edmonton for some time now but unfortunately don’t have the funds atm.

I am showing a much more healthy interest in KOFXIII now tho so I hope you guys keep the scene alive. When I can make the trip out I will DEFINATELY be itching for some matches (and some actual practice to boot) :slight_smile:

Any ps3 injustice players? Add me : maru-castle