kb users..

hey all! Ive decided to make a kb thread cuz im a retard… and have nothing else to do… u can give tips n stuff and how to motion stuff n stuff…

ok ok… whenever I set a button to ppp it never works… and kinda messes me up… any tips?

and also… how do we perform 360 motion… properly? I could do it motw with rock but thats after the evase run.

and finally having trouble with double hcb stuff…


For 360, use the arrow keys not the keypad. Right, down, left, up. You can get standing 360s easy that way.

or you can set F as another up and just roll your fingers across the keys.

EDIT: if your using W,A,S,D that is…

Messes you up how? I have some problems with the BCD button (for KoF2k2), mainly because the emulator did not program this correctly. Hitting the BCD button for something like Angel’s Continue Move, does not work.

agreed, w/ all due respect…
i use wsad as my directions and the num pad for my attack buttons…

for HC’s, to me, it’s a smooth roll w/ my 3 fingers(ring, middle, index or vice versa)…
HCF = a s d
HCB = d s a

360 is similar… but add 2 more buttons :smiley:
start w/ d s a then w to a again… it should sound like… u mashed the kb 2x… but it does register… for me at least…
again, it’s just practice and getting a feel of the kb.

once u mastered that crap, complicated supers like qcb, hcf’s
or even geese’s gyser thingie(crouch block, hcb, offensive crouch) will be second nature on kb than ANY controller/joystick just bc of how precise it is by pushing down the inputs as they were meant to be inputed rathar than like… over rolling on joystick or trying to thumb out hcb x2 on a D-pad.

as for u’r ppp button… i really can’t help u there, i just press all 3 manually :smiley: just pray u’r kb doesn’t have a crappy keystroke buffer (where if u press more than x buttons at the same time, the later buttons won’t register… ie: 4 button keystroke buffering… playing Magneto in XvSF and air dashing will not work bc down+toward+jab+strong+fierce = 5 buttons) hope this helps u out :slight_smile:

thnx everyone…

Im not saying im a newb at this or anything… but I really made this to be like general youkno…?

il try practicing the hcbX2 and 360… those are the only problems I have… and Ive got the ppp thing going…

I think qcb hcf are alot easier then hcb X2
just do like… those two motions are seperate… s,a for qcb then asd for hcf s,a tap a and finish the motion. all ur fingers should be off the kb as u hit a for the first time…
sorry if u already knew it…

if u set ur keys too uiojkl u will have a better key buffer…compared to the numbers…well for me anyways…

hey do u guys think that its easier to play mvc on kb then it is on a pad?

I really think it is…

kb owns all, if only keylock didnt require binding buttons…
only fighting game I couldnt see myself using kb for is #R, again cause of the buttons, and maybe cause the PC version sucks for recognizing inputs

is there any adapter for kb that works on ps2 for every game? I heard some rumors about something on lik-sang, but havent heard any solid info, enough to purchase it… else I’d bust that shit out everytime.

SmartJoy Frag is an X-Box KB/Mouse set, I believe… The mouse is crap(Bound by Control Stick limitations), but it’s pretty hard to mess up a KB. Haven’t tested it though, so… At your own risk.

In games like KoF, you can do qcb qcf instead of qcb hcf. Since the back is already registered once, it’s used again for the hcf part.

KB’s aren’t the ideal item for these kinds of games. Unlike a stick, which can register D,DF,F or half circles on its own just by the movement of the stick, you have to manually input D, DF, F and half circles on the keys, pressing D, then F to create DF, then releasing D in that “continuous motion” to get the move done, and super moves require it twice usually. 360’s (wouldn’t it be 270’s, since that’s all it needs?), will be difficult unless you do what’s already suggested and set an extra UP button to the other direction-set keys and slide them. It can be even more of a pain with charge moves, since if you don’t get the timing right on releasing one key and pressing the next, it can cause the move to not happen, and mess you up. If you have a stick or controller, I’d recommend it over a keyboard.

not really, its even easier than sticks for the motions
theres also no ambiguity, sorta like why jp sticks > us sticks

and emil the shortcuts - huh?
I think its just cause of the emulator… qcb f are built in shortcuts, but normally qcf shortcuts only happen on occasion from the emulator or the game responding to sudden motions… at least imo

but I still find it tough performing 2 hcb on kaillera for some reason…

Well, I read about it (it also applies to SvC). I tried it out…and it solved alot of my motion problems. This is back in the day when I was trying to discover effective ways to get supers off on keyboard (because I was awful at it).

The qcb, qcf thing works because KoF2k2 has a input buffering system. It’s not a keyboard only thing, but it certainly helps keyboarders alot. You should know about how KoF2k2 “saves” previously inputted commands…how running forward, then doing hcf+P with Andy, will get you dp+P instead (because it remember the forward when you were running). In the case of qcb hcf, there are two back motions used, one after another, so the back motion in the hcf is not needed.

Kaillera? or kawaks? Kaillera is teh program that enables u’r emulator(s) to go online… Kawaks is teh NeoGeo, CPS-1, CPS-2 emulator. (sorry if i sound like i’m down grading u or ne thing :stuck_out_tongue: i meant no offense, sincerely. just curious if u were referring to teh emulator or online play… in fact, i still get teh names crossed up myself sometimes)

Kawaks is more precise w/ teh keystrokes… like obviously, it’s impossible to press left, down left, down, down right, and right all at teh same time (on joystick and controller i might add) however on a kb, all 5 of those directions can be done simultaneously by simply pressing 3 buttons (in my case, A S and D)… as pro as we are, i’m sure we’ve (by rolling on teh kb) made our mistakes by simultaneously pressing all 3 at teh same time thus making Kawaks register all 5 directions rathar than a smooth HC motion.

my best advice is to pick up MAME… MAME is more keystroke friendly i suppose hence i never had ne HC problems… hope this helps out

agreed! i’d play on joystick (ofcourse) and KB over ANY PSx, PS2, XBox, DreamCast, SegaSaturn controller ne day…

once that ChanCast crap is up and perfected and goes online, u’ll see my inf’s in MvC2 up teh wazoo and everyone will swear i was using a joystick or a controller :stuck_out_tongue:

kb is just that much more precise bc it’s impossible to miss roll, or over roll rathar than on a joystick/controller… unless u’r mashing out u’r inputs, that is :x

Interesting thread. How many (right handed) KB users prefer right hand for directions, left hand for buttons? raises hand :rofl:

Isn’t Kawaks notoriously difficult for KB users? I’ve found that I can’t even get Ryu’s red fireball (HCF motion) in ST out; it might work, oh, 1 out of 10 times. Nebula is a lot more consistent, and MAME better still. Although MAME just feels really weird with the KB input, as though there’s a small lag. Here in Australia, everyone uses Kawaks on Kaillera!

One other thing. Most of the really good ST players I’ve played on Kaillera use sticks (occaisionally pads aswell). Are they good because of what they use, or do they use joysticks because they’re good? :rolleyes:

Pads and sticks will help you as far as making certain motions and junk, though I’ve seen keyboard players who can rock out. Really pads and sticks to me are better for those who don’t want to play on keyboard and feel more comfortable on pad/stick. (I personally play on a pad.)

to do 360’s on kb with w,a,s,d. you have to roll your fingers.

I find keyboard is ok for most things, but it does have a few problems.

-You’re more susceptible to repeated cross-ups since you have to keep taking your fingers off the keys to switch block.
-Hard to do 720’s consistently (Same goes for defensive 360’s)
-Can’t really charge buffer very well, and Down-Up motions are a nightmare.
-Keys have a tendency to lock, creating a lot of situations where you shouldn’t have gotten hit, but you did.
-Hard to combo into HCFx2/HCBx2 motions.