Kazuya punishing problems

I’ve currently picked up Kazuya as my point character and so far… he’s been pretty amazing.

However I’ve started to have problems with some of his combos etc. Particularly trying to combo after someone has exposed themselves (like a magic series that I’m blocking). I’ve tried using his magic series to tag ken in, but after pressing two H’s they seem to be able to block them easily. Anyone got any tips for his launcher.

Also does anyone have any tips for high damaging combos when they’re exposed. Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

The current BNB I use for punishes is CR.MP, CR.HP (one frame link) Slaughter Hook LP and then you can add CR.MP, CR.HP into any of his specials. Also, make use of the 4 frame CR.LK, it’s godlike! In the corner you can do three CR.MPS into CR.HP but you won’t be able to add a special at the end of it. I hope this helped :slight_smile:

Oh, and if you have 2 bars use his super, it’s very damaging.

CR.MP, CR.HP, Slaughter hook LP or Ex depending, (Juggle) CR.MP, CR.HP, Super.

Firstly, thanks for the advice. Second, I don’t understand how to link CR.MP, CR.HP into Slaughter Hook LP. I can only link it into Slaughter Hook EX. Also do you have anything for getting his launcher to work?

You’re welcome, I’m not quite sure how to explain links, honestly just keep on practicing that link until you get it, the timing is deceiving, but when you hit it a few times you’ll get a feel for link timing. Just do it the same way would do the EX Slaughter Hook but hit LP instead. Are you on Xbox Live? If you are we can go and do some online training, if you want?

cr.mp linked to cr.hp is a 3 frame link not a 1 frame, very easy to do. cr.mp is +9 on hit, and cr.hp only has 6 frame startup.

As for punishes, one I use a lot is st.hp (or cr.hp) -> miststep -> Hp/Mp (uppercut) -> st.hp (or cr.mk) -> miststep -> lp (dragon uppercut) follow with cr.hk for the sweep follower, and thus end with a hard knockdown

Really? Thanks for telling me that. You really do learn something new everyday. :slight_smile:

Yeah sure. It’s TimeMuffin PhD - add me sometime and we could try some stuff.

If you’re doing cr.MP, cr.HP and then only EX Slaughter Hook comes out and not regular, then that means you’re chaining, not linking. Chaining is when you press a button and then a button of a higher strength very fast, and it cancels into that. You’re not allowed to cancel into normal specials after a chain. A link is when one move finishes, and because of frame advantage you can do something else. So let cr.MP finish and then manually time cr.HP afterwards. It’s a 3-frame link, which is really easy and you can definitely do that kind of thing consistently with a little practice, so it’s worth learning.
Also, going from a normal to a special instantly like you’re trying to do (and like almost everyone always does when going from a normal to a special) is a cancel, not a link, because the animation of the first moves gets interrupted and it goes straight to the next move.

I just do c/cl.HP, QCB+LP, c.HP, QCF+HP. Simple and effective, and it takes off around 25-30% of an opponent’s health!