Kaytrim's Kustoms Hardwood Case *SOLD pending payment*

Well folks I am starting to get back into the action. However I am not taking orders at this time. This case will be the first of three blank cases that will be offered in the next week or two.

This case is made from Jatoba and is drilled for a Sanwa JLF joystick and 30mm buttons. The three holes in the side for for 24mm buttons. The space inside is at the minimum so I drilled a window in the bottom to make sure that there is room for the joystick. Mounting screws for the joystick are included as is the plexiglas.

**Sale will start at 6pm central time on October 1, 2008. **This case will be sold to the first person to send me an EMAIL not PM with PayPal information. My email is kaytrimskustoms@gmail.com

Price is $115.00 USD shipped to anywhere in the lower 48 states. International shipping is not avaliable at this time.

yay kaytrim’s back.

Yea I am back but not at full capacity yet. I still have another investment property that needs attention. I hope to have the other two cases up by this weekend. I plan on just building blank cases for a while and not take orders.

Just as a reminder 6pm central today is when this stick is open. That is 7pm eastern or 4pm pacific.


Just a quick bump to let everyone know that I may not reply right away after I receive the first email. Please don’t send multiple emails. I’ll post who gets the case as soon as I can.


Someone buy this quality shizznizzle!

Kaytrim - you have mail

Tag, you’re it.:rofl:

Case has been sold pending payment.