Kat Thread - A Queen And Her Cat

Before I start I just wanna let you know, if you have something you wanna add to this, please message me about it or just comment it below, and I will add it. Thank you!

What is Kat from?

A game on the PS Vita called Gravity Rush (Gravity Daze).

Who is Kat?

Kat’s in-game Character Bio reads "Unsure of where she comes from or how she got her fantastic ability to control gravity, Kat embarks on a quest to save the people of Hekseville from invading Nevi. Accompanied by her feline companion, Dusty, she aids those in need while searching for answers to her mysterious origins, all the while gaining confidence in her powers.”
Well, from that you can gather that she doesn’t know who she is and can control gravity. Pretty cool, huh? Well, controlling gravity at least.

Some things you should know about Kat before you start to play her.

  1. She doesn’t have a double jump. In place of what would be a double jump is an 8-way air dash.
  2. Her meter build isn’t the best.
  3. Her meters are as follows (0-Level)*
    [list]Level 1 Meter - 150
    Level 2 Meter - 400
    Level 3 Meter - 750[/list]

*If you want, do the math. I may have done this wrong, but after 3 trials, I assumed it’s correct.

Kat’s Unlockables

  1. Costume
    [list]a. Hekseville Heroine – Default
    b. Sea Cat – Rank 10[/list]
  2. Taunt
    [list]a. I’m Not Impressed – Default
    b. Hey, Dusty! – Rank 13
    c. Strike A Pose! – Rank 40[/list]
  3. Intro
    [list]a. Let Me Get My Bearings – Default
    b. Purrfect Pals – Rank 2
    c. Gravity Daze – Rank 30
    d. Lost Kat – Rank 75[/list]
  4. Outro
    [list]a. We Did It! - Default
    b. Heroes Always Win – Rank 3
    c. Long Live The Queen – Rank 35
    d. Say “Cheese!” – Rank 100[/list]
  5. Victory Music
    [list]a. Generic – Default
    b. Hope of Hekseville – Rank 4
    c. A Queen And Her Cat – Rank 45[/list]

Notations Used*

1 – Square
2 – Triangle
3 – Circle
4 – X
F – Forward
D – Down
B – Back
U – Up
J – In Air
*No notation means the stick is in the neutral position.


Square **

Rapid Kick Combo – 1,1,1
Meter Build - 30

Launch Kick – F.1
Meter Build - 30

Somersault Kick – U.1
Meter Build - 20

Quick Kick – D.1
Meter Build - 20

Swift Knee – J.1
Meter Build - 5

Snap Kick – J.1,J.1
Meter Build - 25

Burst Kick – J.F.1
Meter Build - 10

Aerial Somersault Kick – J.U.1
Meter Build - 20

Aerial Quick Kick – J.D.1
Meter Build - 20


Piercing Heel – 2
Meter Build - 20

Gravity Kick – F.2
Meter Build - 20

Gravity Grab – U.2
Meter Build - 20

Gravity Slide – D.2
Meter Build - 0

[list]Sliding Kick – 1 (During Gravity Slide)
Meter Build - 20[/list]

[list]Sliding Knee – 2 (During Gravity Slide)
Meter Build - 20[/list]

[list]Slide Quick Stop – 3 (During Gravity Slide)
Meter Build - 0[/list]

[list]Slide Jump – 4 (During Gravity Slide)
Meter Build - 0[/list]

[list]Slide Jump Quick Stop – 4,3 (During Gravity Slide)
Meter Build - 0[/list]

Spiral Heel – J.2
Meter Build - 30

Aerial Gravity Kick – J.F.2
Meter Build - 20

Aerial Gravity Grab – J.U.2
Meter Build - 20

Gravity Dive – J.D.2
Meter Build - 20


Debris Summon – 3
Meter Build - 0

[list]Debris Throw – 3 (After Debris Summon)
Meter Build - 10[/list]

Spiraling Claw – F.3
Meter Build - 30

Gravity Repel – U.3
Meter Build - 20

Gravity Attract – D.3
Meter Build - 5

Aerial Debris Summon – J.3
Meter Build - 0

[list]Aerial Debris Throw – J.3 (After Debris Summon)
Meter Build - 10[/list]

Aerial Spiraling Claw – J.F.3
Meter Build - 30

Aerial Gravity Repel – J.U.3
Meter Build - 20

Aerial Gravity Attract – J.D.3
Meter Build - 5


Stasis Field Fling – Right Stick Forward

Stasis Field Banish – Right Stick Up

Stasis Field Slam – Right Stick Down


Gravity Shift – J.4 (After ‘double jump’)

[list]Basically press 4,4,4 rapidly.[/list]


Gravity Crush – R2 (With 1 meter)

Gravity Typhoon – R2 (With 2 meters)

Gravity Panther – R2 (With 3 meters)

[list]Panther Slash – 1 (During Gravity Panther)[/list]

[list]Panther Leap – 2 (During Gravity Panther)[/list]

[list]Micro Black Hole – 3 (During Gravity Panther)[/list]


Combo 1 - 1,1,1,2,J.U.2
Meter Build - 70

Combo 2 - 1,1,1,2,J.U.1
Meter Build - 70

Combo 3 - 1,1,1,2,J.U.3
Meter Build - 70

Combo 4 - D.1,2,J.1,J.1
Meter Build - 65

Combo 5 - D.1, 2, J.U.3
Meter Build - 60

Combo 6 - 1,1,1,F.2
Meter Build - 50

Combo 7 - 1,1,1,D.3,1,1,1
Meter Build - 65

Combo 8 - 1,1,1, Throw Debris, D.3, 1,1,1
Meter Build - 75

Combo 9 - 1,1,1, Throw Debris, D.3, 1,1,1,2,J.U.2
Meter Build - 145
Note: This can be difficult to pull off, in my opinion.

Super Setups

Sliding Knee – 2 (During Gravity Slide), Lvl 1
Note: This only seems to work if the enemy doesn’t auto jump or dodge roll after Sliding Knee. Use with caution.

1,1,1,D.3, Throw Debris, Lvl 1. - Found by LimShady

Other Stuff

Wave dash (Discovered by no_password)
Short Jump, Diagonal airdash dash down, triangle (before landing)

Hey Guys, I’ve made my first Kat Combo video and take credit for the double red vortex =P


From my GF Topic:

There’s tons of combos where you can change one move for another or add debris at various points. Due to practicality you don’t need many of kat’s combos,much like nariko only needs a few of her dozen .

Here are the ones I think you should know. I tried to include the best for each kind of combo starter.
Picks were based upon combo length(safety), ap generation compared to combos with same starter attack, and difficulty/practicality.


BNB 145AP: 111, D3, 111, 2, a.2 (can add 1 debris at multiple points for 155ap)

155AP: a.S1, 111, D3, 111, 2, a.2

155AP: D2xx1, U3 111, D3, 2, a.2 (U3 better than D1 for greater back safety)

140AP: D2xx2, 11U1, a.11, jumpxxa.D3, a.2 (safest D2xx2combo)

145AP: a.D2, 111, D3, 3, 2, 2
135AP: a.D2, a.D3, 111, 2, a.D3, a.11

135AP: a.D1, 111, D3, 2, a.D2 (add debris before a.D2 for 145AP)

145AP: d3, 111, 2, a.d3, a11, jumpxxa.2

50AP: S1, U2 Requires wall bounce and gives hard knockdown. go for airdash towards grabound tech chase setups after

Air to Air Combos
(this section needs more exploration for easier and more practical ones which don’t need debris)

145 AP: a.d3, a.3, 1, 1, u1, a.11, jump, a.3, a.d3, 2 (2 debris needed)

135AP: a.D3, delayed 3 land, a.11, air dash up and 3, 11, 2(towards opponent) (1debris needed)

The following 3 work regardless of height the opponent is at:
95 AP: a.3, a.1, a.1, jump, a.3, a.d3, a.11, a.u2 (2 debris) (sort of impractical but it’s the best 100% air combo)
75 AP: a.11, jump, a.d3, a.11, a.u2
AirBNB 60AP: a.D3, a.11, jump, a.2 (can end with S3 aswell)


Down grabs;
145AP: 111, D3, 111, 2, a.2 add 1 debris after 2 for 155AP

There are down grab combos into lv1. they vary but all end in debris. some are long or short. experiment, most are obvious.
EX. DGrab, D3,3, Lv1

Up Grabs;
Use only if you need safety or confirming into lv 2
75AP: a.11, jumpxxD3, a.2 (can add debris after D3)


Combo ending with debris link to level 1. The best is for build ap before lv1 is;

95 AP: a.D2, land, 1, 1, 1, D3, 1, 1, 1, pause, 3, level 1
works on both airborne or grounded opponents (1 debris). can swap a.D2 with down grab.

45Ap: 111, D3, 3, Level 1

Upthrow Lv2. position kat as close to enemy as she flys upwards during lv2 activation.


  • Air dash diagonally towards the ground to gain forward momentum. Once grounded Kat can cancel into any move, including grabs. Good for tech chases and getting in.

  • Kat has moderate or high startup on many moves. She’s quite unsafe on block for almost all moves but a.S1. a.D2 can be hard to punish from some characters. Basically if you whiff a D3/a.D3 you’ll eat a super or a burst combo.

  • a.S2 is pretty much better off as mobility to run imo. You can combo into it but meh

  • As a partner kat’s long combos can set up for most character’s level 1’s. Her a.S2 is good to interrupt opponents combing her teammates.

  • You lose debris once sent flying, crumpled, butt dropped or hard knockdown so don’t rely on it heavily but always look to take it out

-Lv2 can be used as a semi-decent tech trap after U1.
-Hold super button during lv2 to postpone firing the shots. The shots are aimable

  • Kat is extremely loud. I recommend going to a library with a vita, enter practice mode, set supers to lv1, max your volume and mash R trigger

I would also like to add that Kat loses all Debris once she uses a super.

Also a question on the back of my mind: I really liked the guide that came for PSASBR but is there any additions to the guide when DLC characters are released or will we just have to rely on the community to place all the pieces together?

Debris seems insanely powerful right now, so I don’t mind all that much that it goes away a lot.

In a day the community got burst combos for Kat from almost every hitconfirm, confirms into super that build 95 meter beforehand, from multiple positions, the game’s first wavedash, and what looks to be some good throw-resets.

Personally I’d trust the community more anyway.

Also, wavedashing while throwing debris, probably possible, as jumping and pressing debris throw simultaneously works. I have the wavedash semi-consistent out of battle, so I’ll check tomorrow when I have access to my ps3.

Has anyone successfully completed her combat trial “Survive Super 3” (all three)? Drake’s equivalent trial was much easier once you figure out ways to avoid the shots but I can’t figure anything for Kat.

Easy to do that trail, stand in the middle of the stage and dodge back and forth when she supers. When i did it she never killed me once, she never used her 1 slash or her 3 barrier. Computers are stupid. She just used 2 back and forth. So easy. Did it my first try

Easy to do that trail, stand in the middle of the stage and dodge back and forth when she supers. When i did it she never killed me once, she never used her 1 slash or her 3 barrier. Computers are stupid. She just used 2 back and forth. So easy. Did it my first try

155 AP Combos ranked on practicality:

I’ve tested all of these and most are pretty easy to pull off once you practice them

a.S1, 111, D3, 111, 22 - can cross people up if you use an air dash first, it is good in its own though.
D21, D1, D3, 111, 22 - Good after a wave dash (down forward X with triangle) or mini-wave dash (down forward X without the triangle)
air to air.D2, D21, D3, 111, 22 - after you practice you will know whether this will combo based off the air hit. Easy to confirm. If you hit a2a.D2 and you know this combo won’t work, there is lots of other combos, just not 155 AP.
a.D2, D21, D3, 111, 22 - The air down triangle has to hit them in the shins. The slide move is done as quick as possible. Not hard after you practice.

down grab, deb+111, D3, 111, 22 - this is so good after a wave dash it isn’t even funny. the debris and your first 1 pretty much hit at the same time low to the ground
111, deb, D3, 111, 22 - 155 AP off a fast hitting move. Can also do debris, 111, D3, 111, 22… same diff
a.deb, D2, deb, D3, 111, 22 - not bad if you need this angle. Risky.
deb, D22 or D21, deb, D3, 111, 22 - choose 22 or 21 based off opponents position to corner. Fun because you can do this from lots of different distances and cancel the slide into something else if you sense danger.

There should be a lot more debris 155 combos but I didn’t bother to figure out ones that were pretty much duplicates of no debris combos.

My latest combo vid

With Kat, I understand that she is a combo-oriented character. But what are some general gameplans for Kat? From initial impressions, I think she should avoid being in the middle of a group of characters during FFA and focus on one character but my opinion may change over the weekend when I play more with her. Can she adequately zone with her debris?

Also, what are Kat’s fastest moves if you’re punishing moves, whether it is from a distance of 5 character widths or up close? What are some safer moves that should be generally used more often with Kat in FFA?

Debris is super fast and can preceed any move with no recovery.<div><br></div><div>From point blank range, either 111 or down throw are fast and lead to big damage (max damage with both if you happen to have debris)</div><div>From farther out, D21 is fast, closes the gap, and leads to big damage.  F Low jump, F1 goes over lowish attacks and leads to big damage.  Jump, DF Jump, down grab is fast and leads to big damage and hard to react to</div><div>From either farther out, debris followed by D2 whatever is good, as is a wavedashed down grab (see the wave dash video earlier.)</div><div><br></div><div>I don’t recommend using F2 to punish as you don’t get much off of it.</div>

<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>http://youtu.be/dzZlDO_RfCM</span></font><div><font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”><br></span></font></div><div><font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>Gonna say I really like Kat :D</span></font></div>

<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>I updated my kat thread with refined combos and corrections and comments. Hopefully someone finds it helpful.</span></font><div><font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/668999-playstation-all-stars-battle-royale/65448581</span></font><br></div><div><font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”><br></span></font></div><div><font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>the most recent update to it is like the 8th post. the OP is outdated.</span></font></div>

By far the easiest eject  combo (where they flash gold, right?) I have ever seen: 111, d3, 111, U1 (hold), d3, 2 = 150 AP <br><br>She can also do that off a down throw.<br>

I’m forcing myself to learn different combos with Kat and I’m trying her other super confirm with Debris into Lv1 but I always miss the timing. What am I doing wrong?

Loving playing Kat now she actually replace Big Daddy as my main do to her insane mobility.