Kat and Emmett DLC has a release date


Both characters are set for release on February 12th, along with the new stage Fearless. Both characters will be free for the first two weeks, but it is unknown if Fearless will be. Fearless will be playable in online ranked games regardless if purchased or not.
Also, there is a note telling us that some new information will be appearing in March as well, so looks like there’s a lot to look forward to!

I can’t wait

Not sure if I’ll pick either up but I can’t wait to see how my characters work with them. (Also against)

Definitely doing emmet for a bit, he looks like a ton of fun!
Being able to call a turret is exciting, lockdown.

Both look fun as all hell. Count me in to try some Kat.

Hey guys - just a reminder that Kat and Emmett are available today but will only be free for 2 weeks! Go get them while you can.