Kasprfoto's sale thread **3/21/16 update**

hey guys, back once again for pretty much my winter/spring cleaning update =) gonna be getting back into photography pretty heavy here in the near future so gotta make some extra money to get new gear. prices do NOT include shipping as to give local buyers a price for local pickup. i only ship within the US and typically pcbs and arcade parts run $7 to $10 and sticks, cases and other heavy items run $15 to $20. due to the nature of the items, they will be tested and verified to be in working condition but are sold AS IS some prices are negotiable so feel free to shoot me a pm =)

Want to Buy

nothing atm

Sticks and cases

next up, a pair of brawl sticks that have been gutted and wired up for some project box action (i’ll send pinout info along with purchase). all sanwa parts (jlf and obsf buttons)

each project box stick is $70

lastly, i have a pair of round 2 te sticks. dual modded with toodles chimp for ps3 and xbox 360 compatibility and have 6 button plexi and red top screws. they are also running toodles original spark optical boards (not ce versions)

each dual modded round 2 te is $150

Arcade parts, cases & pcbs

putting this Super Street Fighter II Turbo CPS2 A & B board back up as local buyer backed out. all you need is a cab/supergun and kick harness and you’ll be off and running. it is the gray Asia region A & B board.

Asia region Super Street Fighter II Turbo CPS2 A & B board is $275

Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers CPS2 B board only (US Version). still has the Capcom security sticker is still intact.

SSFII:NC CPS2 US B board is $125

Misc items

none atm

prices are negotiable on some items so feel free to pm me with any questions and/or interest. although there is no way of telling since the update, i had 70+ positive feedback here, so buy with confidence!!

Sold Items

Sanwa modded Namco
2x SNES pcbs
Mai Neo Geo SE & both Project Box sticks
Suzo Inductive
Tatsunoko vs Capcom SE shells
3x Madcatz fightpad pcbs
3x PS-DS1 pcbs
Hori VX-SA pcb
Wii EX2 sticks
Hori EX-SE pcb
Korean parts set
2x Pelican cases
Arcade parts lot
Sanwa switch Namco buttons modded SE
MC HRAP VX-SA traded
2x HRAP with PS-DS1 pcbs (sold local)
Dual Mod Tekken 5 (sold local)
SSFIIX for Matching Service (sold local)
Big Blue & KI2 cab (sold local)
Stock Namco
SFAC case
2x SE case with PS-DS1 pcbs
Brawl pad pcb + SOCD cleaner
PS-DS1 pcb
Spark pcb
Sanwa modded Brawl stick (white ball top)
2x PS-DS1 pcbs
1x Dreamcast pcb with VMU
custom HRAP2 stick
Multi-Console MvC2 TE
PS1/2 custom Hitbox
T5 bare case
JLF & PS3 SE pcb
360 Brawl Pad pcb
3x Rollie Flash 1 kits
PS1/2 TE-S with 4 bezel set
SE bottom plexi
X-Arcade 2player case
Component to VGA converter
Madcatz Dreamcast PCB with VMU
Sanwa modded SE case
Dual modded Saturn converter
Samsung Galaxy S4
boxed Namco stick 3.29.16


Nice Stuff. I save your post. Does PCBs are something that you always have? Also do you wire a pcb by request (like a xbox 360 wireless ?) thanks.

Pm me for some reason tapatalk app doesn’t let me do it to you .

Message sent

i feel like a kid in a candy store… lol

Spiffy stuff, I might hit you up for some PCB’s later on, gotta unload some things first.

Oh ya, did I sell you the Suzo? Kinda want it back haha… I know I sold one here a year or so ago.
Want me to mention it on the shmups board? It would go super fast there.

Beautiful cases, good luck with your sale!

lol, eczangief. i think i did buy this one from you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: definitely from SRK though. if you want it back lemme know. otherwise, i wouldn’t mind a plug on the shmups board :smiley: all other pm’s replied to!

i LOVE your art templates…sex sells :stuck_out_tongue:

just picked up a panel from this guy. great seller!

dope, i’ll take both snes pads. I was gonna need to buy 2 cthulhu’s for a pc dual player panel but this will save me 70+ bucks! Now I just need to get another retrousb converter!

snes pads are mine now

all items shipped, all pm’s replied to. also gonna be adding a few more items tonight =)

Received the namco stick today. Thanks

was the Suzo Inductive sold?

Thanks Kasprfoto I just got my Suzo Inductive today. Never had one before I thought it would be way heavier just by looking at it, instead it’s nice and light and I don’t mind that at all!

I’d be willing to buy that prewired pcb if the vcc to the 3.3 v gets wired

PM sent