? Karas 101 - Yurine will guide you to victory

Combos, Tactics, Exploits :lovin:






  • Decent range.
  • Gains meter quickly.
  • Works well with most assists.
  • Invisible counter. Its awesome.
  • One of the fastest characters in the game.
  • Dash is transparent for a while. Can be used for a tricky crossup game.
  • Hella good assist (Sword Spin has alot of hit stun which can easily extend combos for anyone)


  • Lacks a decent overhead
  • Lowest defense rate in the game. One full combo can easily kill you or leave you half dead.




Dash - Passes through opponents. Can hit people from behind?

Throw - Can combo into Level 3 using his forward and backwards throws.

:snkc: - A decent anti jump-in! Can combo into :df:+:snkc: thereafter.


Kasha - :l: CHARGE :r:+:p:
Dash in move. Can be linked afterwards for combos. Has 3 followups:

-> Yoifuu (during Kasha) - :qcf:+:p:

-> Yakshasha (during Yoifuu) - :r:+:snkc:

-> Yato (during Yoifuu) - :l: :r:+:p:

Extension chain. Can deflect projectiles. Has 2 followups:

-> :qcf:+:snka:

-> :qcb:+:snka:
Throws opponent behind

Sword spin that looks like a shield. This is also his assist action. Has 1 followup that is a super.

Uppercut. :snka: version does 1 hit, :snkb: does 3, :snkc: does 5.


Sword spin super. Pretty powerful. Only can be done after :qcf:+:p:

Counter super. If you’re icy, it can be used to catch an opponent’s Megacrash. Can also be used to bait attacks from moves that don’t seem to pose any kinds of a threat (Like Roll’s healing super) by DHCing into this move.

Level 3 super. Grabs the opponent with threads then slashes downward. Can hit for OTGs. Combos from :d:+:snkc:, :l:charge:r:+:snkc:, both throws, and his chain










Can somebody post his special moves?

This is what I know atm from a few hours playing the game today. His moves consist of mostly followups that I dont remember but I’ll just give you his base moves.

[2]8+A/B/C - Dash in move. Can be linked afterwards for combos. Has 2 followups.
41236+A/B/C - Extension chain. Can deflect projectiles. Has 2 followups: 236A (reel in kick) and 214A (throws opponent behind)
236+A/B/C - Sword spin that looks like a shield. This is also his assist action. Has 1 followup that is a super (214+BC I believe)
623+A/B/C - Uppercut. A version does 1 hit, B does 3, C does 5.

214+BC - Sword spin super. Pretty powerful. Only can be done after 236+A/B/C.
623+BC - Counter super. Cool animation from the first OAV.
63214+BC - Lvl. 3 super. Grabs the opponent with threads then slashes downward. Crows start up the super and must be blocked low.

I found this video of Karas so good comobs to show people some idea of how he plays.

combo posted by forgenjuro

2A, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, higuruma(sonic boom), 3C launcher, jc, A, B, B, jc, B, B, fierce SRK

Things you can level 3 super off of:

[2]8+A/B/C - leads to extremely easy hit confirms off of B,2B,C
Back throw - cancel it while you’re still kind of in animation (in the air) but after they’re thrown
Forward throw
63214+A/B/C, 214+C - easy to land, great range

I’m sure there’s more, but these have been very easy to work with for me.

The followups to the charge move is here:

Kasha - :l: charge :r: + :p:
-> Yoifuu - (during Kasha) :qcf: + :p:
–> Yakshasha - (during Yoifuu) :r: + :p:
–> Yato - (during Yoifuu) :l: + :r: + :p:

I got this from the Japanese wiki ( http://www26.atwiki.jp/tatsucap/pages/18.html )… I’m not sure if the romanizations are correct so someone correct them if they know Japanese.

Is their anything you can get off the extension chain when he throws them behind him? it seems you can get something off if they hit the wall behind you

Many thanks, I’ll update the first post momentarily. I can’t test any of this myself till I get my copy =(

I just ordered it yesterday, so Imma gonna be the one that has to play the waiting game :"(

you can follow up chain wall bounce with Level 3 super, it hits them OTG.

Are you sure it’s 2 8? Or 4 6? I thought it was back forward, not down up.

hi there, some stuff for the first post:

cable motion is wrong, should be 63214 A/B/C.
button determines the angle of the reel-in (C will make your enemy slam into the wall behind you).

timing after [4], 6+ attack for followups is strict.
you can also cancel into 623A/B/C after it. 623A/B/C can also be done in the air.

karas dash can pass through opponents.

Thank you =]
Do you have anything for combos?

what are some karas tactics?

all I do is poke 2B and combo into aerial rave or confirm a level 3 super.

sometimes throw out a chain to defect projectiles then juggle with 2B into another aerial rave.

there are lots of karas combos on youtube already, some of them pointless, some of them nice & easy.
as always, i try fancy stuff:

does more damage than everything else i’ve seen without supers, but there those aren’t easy.

So I had a full day of TvC today and I’ve figured some mixup/crossup for Karas/Polymar team.
(my main)

First after an aerial rave uppercut ender, you should be able to fall to the ground before the opponent does. Since your dash is invisible for a time, it can go past characters as well. When the opponent lands, use it to do a ground crossup 2a combo. It can also work after 2C to uppercut.

Call in your assist to attack while you dash past the opponent. Its a fairly easy crossup maneuver when you have characters that have multiple hits or large block stun. You can either do 2A, 6C charged, or 236A - 236BC (only for mashers) after the dash.

623A is super safe on block from non point blank range. For most people who think they can punish it, you can counter them back any way you please.

236A to 236A again is supposedly a frame trap for those who think they can punish the first one but surprisingly it has decent range to catch opponents. If you’re fast enough the special super after 236A would do good damage.

63214A/B/C deflects all projectiles (not beams) but 236A/B/C actually reflects them at the same speed (no beams)

2B is arguably his best poke without consequence. It reaches beyond half screen.

5C is the best move to confirm [4]6+C for combos. Also, the only baroque combo I use with no dash in is anything into 5C - baroque - 5B - 2B - 5C - [4]6+C. It may look like it cant combo, but his pokes go out far enough that you dont have to dash in for a good damage baroque.

This is about all I have. Hope this helps. Still cant help his damage tho. If you are touched, none of the above will help you at all. It hasnt for me. =(

Hey everyone, what’s with the [2], 8 +A/B/C? Do you mean [4], 6+A/B/C? :confused:

Thank you for pointing that out, Im so tired from TvC today lol I’ll fix it. I actually fucked it up the first time from just looking at the command list for the first time for 2 minutes.

that’s me being an idiot, complaining that people write hcf instead of hcb, and then i screw up writing charge b,f =)
played tatsunoko until 5:30 am today, my brain was melting by that time.

@ silent shinobi: the cable actually deflects projectiles?

It does but it cancels the cable so it will not go through projectiles, only deflect them. I think of deflect as getting rid of them (where 236A actually reflects it back at you). Should have said that earlier. I would suggest 236A/B/C better because it has been confirmed that if you hit the opponent with his own projectile from close enough, you can combo that into 236+BC super after 236A/B/C.