Karakusa >> HP xx SAII? I'm Such a Noob

I must be the only person on earth that can’t do a Karakusa >> HP xx SAII. I swear I do it the same just like everyone else, but it never seems to connect. I got the Karakusa >> HP xx SAII down, but when I do it, my opponent always seems to have time to block the SAII. Especially the computer on training mode. Am I doing something wrong?

it’s a question of spacing if you’re cornered generally use medium kick if they are like ALMOST center screen use roundhouse and make sure you cancel as fast as possible =D

^ this man speaks the truth
but also note on the sketchier distances, such as right under the timer, cancelling the FP too late will have the super not connect.

MA vs xx <----------------------------- -> Connect

don’t forget this one =D

That is obvious if he can read my graphic. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

No Connect< -------------> Ma <-------------- -> Connect <----------> vs XX <----------> No Connect

dont for get that one