kara throws

hi, i’m new here and i don’t know where to ask this, so i’ll just ask here:
what’s the best kara throw for every character in the game (with distance data, please)? where can i find this data (webpage)?
i’m trying to make a comparison list between throws and kara throws of the characters.

i couldn’t find a list, so i made my own:

cr. hk-1.75
st. lk-0.9

st. hk-1

st. hp-1.4


st. lp-2.2

c. viper:

st. mk-0.65


st. hk-1.35

st. mk-?.??

dee jay:


st. hp-0.7

e. honda:

el fuerte:

evil ryu:
cr. mk-3.5
st. hp-2.2

fei long:
st. hk-1

gen (mantis):
st. mk-2.1

gen (crane):


st. mp-1.85

st. mp-1.35


st. mk-1.75

st. mp-2.15


m. bison:





st. hk-1.05



st. lk-0.85

t. hawk:

st. hk-2.9

st. hk-1.05

st. mk-1.8

st. hk-2.2

the list includes the best range and most practical kara throws. if a character has two kara throws in the list, that means one of them has more range but difficult to pull off and the other is easy but with less range.

the numbers are the added ranges to the throws rounded to the nearest twentieth. the unit of measurement is training room squares.

if there are any mistakes in this list or a better kara throw, please inform me.

I don’t remember the thread and I don’t want to search these Godawful new forums, but IIRC range wise Ken has the longest Kara throw with a range of 4 (those tiny little lines on the training mode ground), Vega comes next with a range of 3. I personally Find Vega’s Kara throw scarier because he has a MUCH faster walkspeed than Ken.

Some characters that I remember (but not 100% sure) that have a range of 2 are Akuma(far fierce), Blanka (st.lp), Gen with one of his stances. Ryu has a range of 1 with his standing roundhouse.

yeah, i tested ryu, ken and gen a while ago. if i at least have the normals/command normals that are used for the kara throws, then i’d be happy. but testing 39 characters and each has 6 normals while some have quite a lot of command normals… it’s just insane with just the time i have.

^ Majority of the cast do not have viable or even apparent kara throws.

Evil Ryu has a great one with his st. fierce as well.

It isn’t hard to test, just a simple plink.

i know it’s not hard to test when you know what to use. it’s hard to find out what to use.

updated for dan and sakura.

Whoa. Wish e. ryu’s cr.mk karathrow was feasible.

It can be used for Kara focus dash cancel to massively increase his dash range.

Also karas are difficult to measure because you can actually alter them slightly because the frame window is larger than 1F to kara. I dunno the EXACT amount but I think it is like 3F and depending on when you kara you’ll get different distances. For example, I’m guessing the OP is using “small training blocks” to measure the distances. For Cody’s far s.HK if I do a kara as fast as possible I get 1.25, if I delay it slightly it goes up to 1.45. With Akuma’s far s.HP if I do a kara as fast as possible I get 2.0 if I delay it slightly I actually get 1.75 for some reason.

Depends on the move you use to kara. Blanka’s st.jab kara is 1f. No plink no work.

This is incorrect; the kara window is only 1 frame, same as plinking. The only exceptions to this are “lenient” kara cancels like Sagat’s, but they use a completely different mechanic (special cancel windows). Also, the range on the karas isn’t random. I think this is just a problem of people getting confused by the training room squares.

in case anyone was wondering, here’s the measuring method: the kara throw was recorded and replayed n*10 times (usually 10). i then count the big and small squares that the character has crossed. the number of the big squares (divided by n) equals the number of small squares that a character will cross when doing only one kara throw. the small squares are the fractions.

Everyone has a kara grab. Just not everyone has a useful one.

Just saying. :slight_smile:

well, i didn’t want to leave out anybody. some blockstrings leave just barely outside of throw range, so what is considered a useless kara throw on its own can actually be useful in some instances. and if anyone can help out with the blank spaces, please do.

Deejay’s best kara is cl.mk.

Some kara throws actually move you backwards. Can’t remember offhand which ones they are though.

A few quick thoughts on the list…

Gouken doesn’t have a “f+HK”. He has a far HK — with a kara distance of 1.9, not 2.8 — and a close HK, which doesn’t add any range. This tells us two things:
— there’s no differentiation being made between close and far standing normals, even though they almost always differ in terms of kara.
— some of the f+ command normals have their ranges inflated due to prior forward movement. Case in point: Elf’s f+MK kara, which is just him walking for 1 frame. The actual move itself adds 0 distance.

gonna fix that later. thanks.