Kara Throw

Is it always better to go for a Kara throw than a normal throw.

Is there some situation where its not advantageous ?

Kara-Throws add more frames to the startup of the grab. For instance, if you use a normal, and cancel the normal after 2 frames of its startup by grabbing (3 frames), you’ve then got a 5 frame grab with a little extra range. If you are doing tick throws against people spamming jab, you might want to stay away from the kara, so you can grab them out of the startup of their move. However, if they are o/s teching late and not spamming, you can kara and grab them from that as well. The extra frames from the kara will allow their move to startup and you will grab them before their normal becomes active.

Ryu’s kara throw is mostly useless.


How much extra frames is the Kara Throw compare to normal throw. From the input display it look like its only one extra frame.

There was a thread with this I think, can’t find it though ,can someone link it?

Unless I am totally recalling something else.


What exactly is “Kara” I see it all over the place and have checked multiple fighting game glossaries but they never explain what it exactly is or where the word originated from

if anyone could explain what kara is and why it is called kara that would be great

Kara throw was made popular with 3S: http://www.eventhubs.com/guides/2007/dec/04/kara-throwing-street-fighter-3-third-strike/

I don’t know why they call it Kara.

Ah okay, thanks that page helped. Are there any other “kara” terms? In SSFIV at least. I read on SonicHurricane this definition, it seems to be the same as Kara throw. So more or less kara = cancel into?

"kara cancel - to interrupt the startup of one action with another action; typically performed with the intent of transferring properties of a normal move, such as invincibility or sudden forward movement, onto a special or super move "

Some other stuff is kara cancellable, not just normals, and sometimes they can cancel into other stuff, not just throws. At least for Ibuki, I know that you can cancel her command dashes into raida.

sorta like sagat has kara tiger uppercut and kara tiger knee but they both come from a normal standing lk…
or do you mean something else?

Yeah something like that.

Think he’s talking about specials. Like Rog can kara cancel his EX dash punch into ultra or another dash punch.