Kara Sonic Boom, Flash Kick

I know far st.mp is a good kara. Anyone know the exact motion to get a kara SB or FK? I’m thinking it can be useful in Fireball wars, especially against Sagat.

d/f RH>ex kara FK to get the 2hits? Can someone try?

Far s.mp is far from being a good kara. Sadly, it really doesn’t offer much range at all. Anyways, to make sure that you are doing the kara correctly, go into training mode. A correctly kara’d flashkick should looks something like.


Sonic boom would look something like.


Note that you have to use back mp for this to work correctly. Otherwise you will be using the f.mp overhead to kara off, which offers no range advantage.

Sadly, you can never combo 2 hits of EX flashkick after a df.hk. It’s not a positioning thing, just a juggle limitation.

what benefit is there of doing kara version of the soinc and flash kicks. i dont get it sadly. noobness probly.

what is kara? and how is it different from regular sb and fk?

I dont see how that would work. a medium sonic boom would just come out.

you would have to do, charge back neutral mp forward any punch.

There’s a significant difference when you kara throw with far.mp, rather than having no distance at all. I’m not saying kara throw is useful with far.mp, because you cl.mp comes out instead (no range)…but there is a big difference.

As far as uses…(this is all speculation)

fireball wars - ex SB is fast, but from full screen high tiger shots have fast recovery. Sometimes Sagat can block if you decided to ex through his FBs. kara might make full screen ex SB more useful

SB > followup - is great against FB because SB covers you, and you punish their recovery. It only works at certain distances. kara would extend that distance.

FK through or trade against FB - kara would extend the distance to get more damage

combos - cr lk > cr lp > cr mp > ex FK (1hit). with kara you might be able to get 2hits with the ex FK for more damage


Kara means ‘empty’. It’s basically cancelling a normal into another move. Kara Flash Kick moves you forward about a foot and then flash kick just about instantly through cancelling it out of a forward medium punch.

They’re not that useful for Guile. Compared to someone like Ken who’s kara-throw launches him like 4 feet forward.

You are correct sir, my head wasn’t on strait. I’ll edit my original post to avoid confusion.

same here…

seems like too much of a hassle on top of what Guile already has to deal with. Doesn’t seem so practical for Guile to be engaging with the above kara examples. But thats just my op. The only kara move I use is his throw.

You could say these sound impractical, but sometimes a round or match really does come down to a bit more range on an FK or SB or throw. Whether or not it’s “worth it” wholly depends on your competition. Getting your karas down could push you just over the edge to leveling up your game. Instead of telling yourself “why bother?”, think instead this way: “why not?” :wink:

You make a solid point, considering I used to say - “FADC>ultra is too hard.” Now I’m trying to land one in a match.

I think there are better things to work on than practicing kara’ing your charge moves. If your really into training to get better, getting your 1 framers down is way more important. c.lp > c.mp, b.hk > c.mp, and s.lp > s.hp to name the most important ones. I’ve said it many times, that c.lp > c.mp is MONEY. Much better to work on than worrying about gaining a handfull of pixels extra off your flashkick.

Remember that kara’ing also adds at least 1 more frame of startup. 5 frame startup on kara flashkick is not very good.

Thanks for the advice, but no thanks. I’m comfortable with my combos. I created this thread to explore new ways to make Guile stronger, no matter how difficult/or even possible? anyone thinks it is.

I’m sure a lot of people aren’t complaining about 1 more frame added onto a Sagat TU.

If you can explain to me any better option than a kara SB > negate projectile > backfist … (when another FB is out, max distance from the SB> guaranteed followup, no meter, 1 pixel health left, 2 sec left on the clock, opponent in lead)…

If you can give me any better option than “predict the FB, jump and punish” than I will GLADLY put my speculation of a kara uses aside.