Kara Red Focus Trick

I was fooling around in training and discovered something pretty cool. To use the method Im about to explain you must have PPP assigned to a button. If you press PPP 1 frame before pressing MP+MK a kara red focus should come out. Im sure some people have discovered this already but I figured I would share anyways. Its definitely a lot easier than “pianoing” with 4 buttons. I Hope someone finds this useful.

I just do it the same way I do a normal kara focus…you don’t need to press all three punches. The input for red focus is mk+mp+lp.

Using all 3 punches does it all at once. The HP is used for Kara and the LP activates red focus. PPP acts as the 2 functions I listed above. Easier than 4 buttons. Just my .02.

And yes I am well aware of RF’s input Lol.
It’s like this PPP(uses LP for Red and HP for kara) Next Frame input regular focus (mp+mk) = Kara Red Focus. :slight_smile:

Edit:Now that I think about it, “PPP Next Frame: MK” might work too.
Yup. PPP, MK = Kara Red. Now PPP uses all 3 Punches.

I do c.mk~mp+lp. You should only use hp to kara throws. Use c.mk for dps, fireballs, and focus.

I find fierce to be the most reliable (probably just me). i’ll see how it goes in the lab. I use fierce for all Karas except demon (I use f+mp).