Kara palm?

What is the kara palm juggle? The one in genei jin with the multiple kara palms? Is there a vid of it or does anyone know the specifics and any tips of it?

Kara palm juggle is: blah blah blah->activate GJ-> karapalm xwhatever -> blah blah blah. Most damaging is the one /w the st.mkXXGJ->karapalms.

Vid? Try to find CRoyd’s Misc stuff vid. It’s gotta be floating around somewhere.

How to do it: http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26025. Look for pyro’s explaination.

If you manage to land a close MK XX GJ in the corner, you can only do 2 palms before you need to stick in a towards+MK or st.MP (or anything) to reset the juggle counter. If you don’t and do a 3rd palm the combo will end and you’ll waste about half your GJ time.

On chun li:
close st.MK XX GJ, palm, kara palm, far st.MP, palmxN (can’t remember how many), HP dash punch, close st.MK, HP palm, LP dash punch


Not too hard either, assuming you can do kara palms…

You don’t need to reset the counter. CRoyd said that in his vid thread. He got 6 palms in a row. Then said that the 7th one should have connected. shrug I’m too lazy to try myself though.

And the most damaging finisher is the KO finisher tagged onto the end of it: st.mk-> palm-> lp.shoulder-> fw.fierce->lunge punch. :smiley:

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note: The reason why Ryu is jumping is because i wanted to simulate ryu getting launched by a stand MK xx genei cheap (just to show that it could be palmed after a stand MK) However, I started complaining to myself that if i did that, we wouldnt see how much damage all the palms really do…so i just made him jumping…you can easily land 6 palms on a standing ryu.

peace out.

anyone got cool/weird/funny shit that i can put in video 2? PM me.

Wooo, thnx.
I can’t get the timing down though, is it immediate after the first palm? or do you wait or what? What’s the trick to it?

I don’t really know anything weird, but crossover mp, fp, shoryu xx sa3 works on ken vs hugo. :pleased:

i dont really know what to tell ya aside from what is in the video.
after the first palm, you wait a split second before pusing MP. If you kara palm too early, your opponent wont be low enough for the palm to hit.

make sure you’re cancelling the MP into the LK, and cancelling the LK into the palm. If you push MP, let it recover, and then push LK and let it recover, you’ll notice that yun doesnt move forward at all. But if you repeatedly tap MP, LK, MP, LK, MP,LK, yun will move forward. This is because you’re cancelling the moves.

To make kara palms easier, use strong punch. Or fierce punch. Never use jab.

To me, the hardest part to finishing a GJ combo is that there seems to be a wall of stubborness for the lunge punch to hit after I hit with the palm when the Genei Jin runs out. What the fuck! How does KO get it so consistently

Go check the Genei-Jin Enders thread. There’s a list of which punch to use for which character. And I think that getting the f.fierce to hit earlier makes it easier to connect the lunge punch.

You COULD always just learn different enders. :smiley:

Ive got some questions about the whole canceling thing. I saw the vid and I noticed (or at least it seeemed like) that when you hit mp then short kick into palm the short kick never came out. How fast do you have to be to cancel it into the palm? And when you did those 6 palms the whole time you were moving forward was caused by the mp animation or did you have to move forward a bit?

The kara palm has to be executed pretty fast. The LK is cancelled really early and therefore you wont be able to see it in my videos because of the lowered frame rate. If you were to perform it on your own you’d see the LK just barely.

The LK cancelled into the palm is pushed at the same speed that you’d perform a kara throw.

remember. Don’t use LP to kara palm.