Kara-command grab, HELP!

Wattup everybody, anyone have any tips or pointers for the Kara-command grab. I cant do this for the life of me. I read pyro’s old explanation on how to do it and it seemed really easy to do, then I went to practice mode and it was a struggle. I pulled it off once in about an hour, any help would be much appriciated. Maybe a better question is, is it even worth bothering with the kara-command throw?


Genei-Jin mix that shit up.


I cant do this shit either, is this supposed to be easy to do? Maybe I just need more practice, usually i am good with kara moves, but this is giving me a hell of a time

Its not to hard, yet Im not saying I can do it 100% of the time either. It takes practice, there should be like 5 frames between the time you press RDH to the time you press FWD.

you can do it slowly to start, and it will come out.
just go from forward to down-back, do the kara kick, then hit back.

So, is Yun’s standing roundhouse cancelled or is it his crouching roundhouse?