Kara cancelling

It seems like i’m just horrible at it, no matter how much I practice.

I try doing combos like cr.lp, cr.lp xx Shoryuken, but by the time I try doing the move they are pushed too far away or they are un-stunned. Whats a trick to getting it just right? Ive tried doing the inputs really fast on my fight stick, like a chain, but it seems it doesnt work like that and it only executes my inputs once there is free time to do them.

I know this is a crucial part of the game, so what are some tips?

This isn’t an example of a kara cancel. A kara cancel would be something where you interrupt the first few frames of a move to do another move and is mainly used to get a positional advantage (like nudging yourself forward a bit to increase throw range).

For c.lp, c.lp xx shoryu, without making it sound complicated, there are two ways to do this.

  1. c.lp, c.lp and link it into a shoryuken (not to be confused with canceling)


  1. c.lp very slight pause c.lp and cancel into shoryuken

The preferred method would be the first method, so I’ll go into detail about that. Because of how the game works, when you chain c.lps and c.lks together, the game doesn’t normally allow you to cancel those attacks into a special. In Ryu’s case, because of how fast the Shoryuken is, it will hit during a c.lp’s hit stun. So, knowing all of this, the timing between the second c.lp and the actual SRK is the actual rough part because you’re not actually canceling the animation of the c.lp but rather doing it right at the end of the c.lp animation, if you get what I’m saying.

So, try to take that mentality when trying to do c.lp c.lp xx Shoryu. There will be a short pause between the second c.lp and the shoryu. Sit down and figure out the timing and once you do, keep doing it again and again and again until it’s in your muscle memory and you’ll be able to do it on command. Take it slow, don’t try to rush out the Shoryuken immediately but just give it a short bit of time, like not even half a second. You’ll figure it out eventually.

Which version of SF are you talking about?


>.> I figured I can sum up everything I said into a short video… so, here it is, a short video on this. Enjoy! <.<