Kansai CVS2 Movies

came across these randomly, really great matches that showcase superb technical execution :open_mouth:


captain sawada vs uma

i think I have those names right, otherwise correct me :stuck_out_tongue:

great find!

The name is Sawa vs Uma

yea, sawa is a totally different person from sawada. he’s still considered one of the best a-grooves in japan though.

How come nobody seems to be able to consistently complete Blanka mid or fullscreen CCs? Do his charge moves come out accidentally or something?

See kids,never underestimate teh powah of A-Bison !
More(possibly better) matchs on this thread :karate:


People are seriously impressed by this kind of play?

People are impressed by CvS2?

I posted that along time ago :stuck_out_tongue:

since you are the most harsh critic of cvs2 players out there, i have to ask: what does a player need to do to impress you?

He’s impressed by guys who can’t do reversal supers against Bison’s slide. :clap:

Pretty amazing.

That RC wakeup backdash into RC ball against Bison’s lvl 1 scissors was pretty crazy.

this sounds vaguely similar to something before. either he’s a bad joker who is really annoying or he’s the most pretentious “one-up” people on the boards.

Those matches were a crazy RC zapfest and you know it. :rofl:

what did you expect? a combo exhibition?

i’m serious though. the only time i can remember you complimenting somebody from a video is i think cheese_master doing some really deep dp or something. what else does it take to impress you?

hahahah really deep dp.

Such a high level of play… for seemingly no reason… blows my mind.
Btw Im taking my website down. Since I have now been thoroughly embarrassed.

hahhaa, that is good.
really deep dp

whoops, that might have came off as sarcastic. i’m honestly just really curious what it takes for kcxj to give you props.