Kan-Ra hype thread!

Newly revealed S2 character and only the second new character after Sadira!


Can’t wait to see the Trap Grappler live next week during the IG live stream!

Ultra owner’s get him on the 24th, kind of wish they showed the trailer today though rather than just before his release.

I believe the stream will be the MS stream…I may be incorrect though. I’m glad that we’ll only have to wait 2 more days after the trailer that we can play with him.


Beat me to it!! Fucking godlike music from Mick again!

I see three traps in the video

1st has to be what he spits out is a trap that stays on the screen and counters fireballs.

2nd trap is the hand that launches him into the air

3rd one has to be related to his teleport

Oh yeah and the MS stream is at 1:00 PM EST today

Request thread be renamed to Mumm-Ra Hype Thread

Dat Riptor tease!


I have to admit I got very excited about that. Also this character seems like he will have some good/fun setups to learn.

Iron Galaxy has done a great job so far IMO. And they said we’ll be getting Riptor earlier next month too! Going to be a sick holiday I tells ya!!

Kan-ra Microsoft stream should be going live now!

Looks like Anakaris. Minus curses (damn).

Summary of Microsoft Stream here.

Lots of good shit coming this season!



enjoying the hell out of Kan-Ra so far.

How you guys going with strategies, and trap setups?

Is there anything more badass than jump in FP, then combo the second hit (even on block) into QCB+K to release bugs?

can anyone tell me why the shadow move from Kan-Ra is so easy to break? it’s almost instantly . I can only hear really fast 1-2-3! and everyone is breaking that… to be honest I’m even scared of doing that move. Are people mashing? Am I doing incorrectly? Should it have a rythm? I’m completely lost on that one.

Well it’s easy to break because there is no rhythm to break it. You can literally mash the combo breakers as fast as you can and you’ll break it. I rarely use it unless its for recapture of if the opponent is locked out. I think damage wise its much better to go with with shadow throw move as an ender.

If you can time it right then it’s a good counter breaker shadow move, because it’s so easy to break. But don’t rely on it too much.

thats why it is better to use the shadow scarabs in a combo. Harder to time out the button taps there, and scrubs will mash and give u a free combo.

Can anybody tell me how to guarantee recapture with shadow spin after Ultra Combo, so I can do a triple ultra combo? I’ve only manage to land it once :frowning:

Every other time I either get only one hit on shadow scarabs juggle, or I get all the hits, but my shadow spin doesn’t recapture, it launches them across the screen :frowning: