Kamen Rider fighting game for PS2 - Kamen Rider Climax Heroes



I do hope they have Showa-era heroes.

kabuto better be in this.


kamen rider is so dope. kabuto/tendou is like the pimpest main character ever

Adding in a Kuuga fuck yeah

I want Black though, the manliest rider ever.

Haha, dude, are you and I registered at all the same forums? :rofl:

On-topic, though, I really hope this has more than just the main 10 Heisei Riders. Would be awesome to see Kaixa, Garren, Gatack, Todoroki, etc.

Also it had better be more than just a fanservice buttonmasher. Come on Bandai, throw some strategy in there!

Damn, I hope Sega’s producing this. Toku heroes are nice, but if we were to get a return of Segata Sanshiro as a playable character, I’d finally get to see who’d win between Rider 1 and Sanshiro.

Holy shit you’re here too! XD

And I am pretty sure it will be more than 10 Riders, so I expect some of the non-mains like Gills or G3. Heck, throw in Abyss.

Impossible. Toei and Bandai Namco are like <3

Also, it is confirmed that only Hisei Riders are going to be used, no Showa era. So no KR1.

im wondering what kind of game would be this, 3d, 2d (gameplay wise talking), i feel that this could be interesting

Larger image in Rangerboard:


Seraphis Cain also posted this in Rangerboard:

Look forward to.

Watched everything from Ryuki to Kiva (plus other tokusatsu) and now watch Decade and it owns

A combination of Bandai Namco and Summer 2k9 release can only mean a shit game. Time will tell if its a real fighter or a cash-in fan pander game.

Kuuga’s Ultimate form most be SO damn broken and Kick Hopper must have a cancel for his Rider Jump into Kick special.

If bandai’s making it, it’ll suck ass. They need to have quality control looking over their shoulder, like when they team up with Namco.

It could be like they would hand it over to Cyber2Connect. The layout reminds me of Narutimate Hero series.

Characters I wanna See In This:

Kabuto, Blade, Faiz, Decade, Black, Kuuga & Agito

Black is out of the picture as this is only Hisei-era Riders (meaning 90’s-present).

However, expect Kuuga (confirmed), Agito (confirmed), Ryuuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, and Decade (confirmed) to be playable.

The true question is that which non-main Riders are in.

What about non-riders?

Hope it’s not just a button masher like their older games…or at the very least go the Ultraman Fighting Evolution route of making it a fan service “orgasmathon” sorta game. LOL non-Riders to appear would most likely be Momotaros considering how ridiculously popular Den-O seems to be. Oh well…as long as Kiva and Faiz are in this, it’s all good.

Yessssssssss! I’m praying this will be decent…