Kaisen Dankairaku

Hey everyone,

As I’m fairly new to the game (have played other games such as tekken before) and I’m also new to the forums I’m not sure where to post this, therefor I thought this would be the right section.
I’ve been trying out the controls of my PS3 Controller on the PC version of SSF4 AE, but I cannot seem to get Juri’s ulti’s off, both ulti 1 and 2 won’t go off and instead just use Fuhajin, and not go to ulti 2, I probably am just doing something wrong, but I’ve been stuck trying to figure out what for 2 hours now. I’ve attempted to google to solve it out myself, but no luck on Google either.

If you get fuhajins, then you either not doing the 2xQCF or not pressing the 3 kicks at the same time. Make sure you turn the inputs on in training mode so you can see what’s wrong. Also if you use the default button layout, you can use the shoulder buttons L1 and L2 to input the PPP and KKK. Much easier to use than pressing the 3 buttons.

My PS3 pad is setup more or less like the defaults, except I have PPP and KKK on L2 and R2 respectively. Yet even with the KKK being on the right side (I’m more likely to fail a motion if I have to use my D-Pad hand finger for L2), I whiff her Kaisen Dankairaku literally 3/4ths of the time I try it (though this number can be bloated depending on if it’s a match setting or not).

I’m able to clear up to Juri’s Trial 12, with me BARELY clearing Trial 12 (due to the QCBx2 MK). Yet when it comes to pulling this off in match settings, my execution is shitty. Yet how is it on KOF13 (unrelated game, but related predicament), I can bust out QCFHCB specials without breaking too much of a sweat (Literally 2/3rds of my attempts land on that).

Also, I notice that if I’m trying to get an input out, I look at my pad to make sure I’m getting the motions down. I don’t think I’m mashing the attack buttons (I have a specific version I know I want to use so I make sure to only press it once the motion’s “done”), but it’s more uncertainty with the speed of the motions themselves. I know you’re supposed to do motions slowly and precisely, but this game has a borked sense of timing (to the point where I fail Ryu’s Challenge 6 but can easily clear Juri’s Challenge 7, which has a similar combo thesis).

There’s zero issue with singular inputs (like just one QCF) at this point - it’s when I have to do more than one (Double QCF, or QCF into DP or even just a Down and P or K into QCB or QCF P or K)that I buckle down and start throwing my eyes (figuratively) at the pad to make sure I have the motion speed and accuracy 100% correct - however, in doing this, I somehow jump when I don’t intend to (and in matches, leave myself wide open). Doesn’t help that my thumb (which I use for D-Pad motions) takes up one half of the D-Pad as a whole (in neutral position, the only exposed button is the up button).

Figured it out after trying the L1/L2 and R1/R2, it did pull off now but the controller seems to have dificulties registerring the QCF’s like mentioned (saw the input in training, thanks!) Well atleast now I know what went wrong! Thanks alot :smiley:

Not sure if it happens with others, but sometimes on my stick when trying to do that or her Super I wind up jumping. It’s probably just battle nerves since I’m new to the game, even if I’m not new to stick, but hey, still a little annoying.

I find that sometimes my EX-fuhajin came out when I was doing fadc -> u2. Upon watching my inputs in training mode I noticed that I wasn’t doing the full motion on the second QCF, therefore my inputs looked like this:

D, DF, F, D, DF -> KKK.

Try slowing it down a little and making sure you finish the movements before you press the three kicks/punches.

You can actually shortcut it the OPPOSITE way:

D, DF, D, DF, F -> KKK/PPP, however it’s not a great habit to get into when you’re first learning.

Well yeah, I mean I know you can do stuff like that (though I sometimes get messed up since I’m used to D,DF,F,D,DF,F reading as 236236), but I personally don’t think it’s good in the long run to learn an unnecessary and shortcut that could potentially be detrimental long term at the beginning. If it’s perfectly viable and fine over all, then yeah, my bad.

I’ve only been able to get my FADC from fireball by doing:

6, MP+MK, 6,2,3,2,3,6 KKK

(Though I have more difficulty P1 side then I do P2 side).

I don’t think I’d be able to get the link if I did the full 236.

you played tekken before?.. so in your opinion, which fighting game is better? SSF4 or Tekken?.

That post is from 1 year ago.