Kaimana Mini LED install on a Mayflash F500

Hello all, I’m trying to install a Kaimana Mini Kit in my Mayflash F500 using my stock PCB. Even though I know its possible, I’ve found no specific information available on this install and absolutely no pictures, video or detailed step by step instructions explaining or showing the complete wiring process. In particular, drawing power and ground to the breakout board for the Kaimana mini LED driver. Any help would be appreciated.

What I have.
Mayflash F500 with original PCB
Kaimana Mini LED Kit with Mini LED Driver and LED’s for 8 Buttons
Paradise Arcade Breakout Board
20 Pin Fight Stick Harness

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Hey man, were you able to install? I literally have the same that you have. Did you end up having to get the Brooks pc

Hey there, welcome! Yes it’s very possible. Here’s a pic of my F300 With the Kaimana installed

You need a breakout board and the 20 pin harness to connect the breakout to

all 9 push buttons. You can purchase it from www.paradisearcadeshop.com. connect the breakout to VCC and route all 9 pushbuttons to the breakout and connect the 20 pin harness to the breakout and wire up all 9 buttons with the 20 pin connector.

Hello ,
I’m trying to mod my MayflashF500 with the kaimana LED and i had some questions , not sure if u can help me out , I’m completely new to this and i don’t wanna screw it up lol .
I have the Kaimana PCB + breakout board , 20 pin harness , LED’s .
My question would be in how do you connect the 8 buttons to the breakout board? did you strip the cable to connect it to the screw terminal ? T_T
and if you did strip it; its a double cable , do you insert both of them to the screw terminal?
My other question would be regarding the JLF stick , do i have to connect it to the breakout ? or can a just leave the 5 pin cable directly from the mayflash pcb to the stick?
I would really appreciate if you could help me with this and maybe show me a picture of how you set up the whole cable routing on your F300 . :’ )

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To make it easy, type in kaimana in YouTube search bar and look at some videos. YouTuber by the name Fundando has an installation vid. Im gonna put one out myself but I don’t know when. If you’re crafty, you can jerry rig this wire harness to power the breakout. Click this link Power Passthrough Harness for FA SO.CD - Hori - Focus Attack to check out this harness. Its to power an SOCD but if you’re crafty you can use it to power the breakout. Read up on it and also read up on the breakout on paradisearcadeshop.com website. Best way to do this is to learn how this stuff works. I do all my modding major and minor myself. I can so almost any type of mod with the right tools.