Kaillera vs Xbox live lag

I don’t have an Xbox so I have no basis of comparison, but I was curious - which platform has the least lag online? I know it will clearly vary based on many, *many *factors (location, your connection, his connection, etc), but lets assume conditions are near optimal on each platform, practically speaking.

Second question - in your experiences, is lag better on xbox live or with your average Kaillera opponent?

I have questions for you too. By lag, you mean response delay or choppiness? And since you don’t own an xbox, why raise the question…

I HAVE BOTH, lets just say im cancelling my live account today.

kaillera > live

It depends on the game, but kaillera on LAN or 0746’s P2P client are definitely better than live.

I, too, cancelled my XBL account.

Let’s just say, I’ve had a few matches on Kaillera where I feel the outcome was actually determined by skill and would more than correlate to the outcome of an offline fight.

I cannot really say this for XBL.

I haven’t played on Live.
I was lazy to play P2P until 2 weeks ago, but man…

P2P is a godsend from 0746.

MAD props.

Kaillera is probably better lag-wise, and because it’s easier to communicate…
but don’t cancel your XBL subscription…don’t you guys wanna play VF5 when that comes out?

kaillera is WAYYYYYYYYYY better

thing is you need a good PC, or at least a decent one to run it like its offline. second a good connection of course.

the p2p is GDLK. it feels near offline play, trust me on that one.

So are you all saying you would rather play 3s on kaillera than live? I never played on live btw, but just curious.

No, the praises for Kaillera and the negative comments about Live should be interpreted as “buy an xbox today.”

i can never find anyone to play with
maybe im in the wrong place
pm me i can play 3s now

Was thinking about getting one. From the comments in this thread though, I have changed my mind.

p2p kaillera >> xbox lag(except for neowave and 2k3, where it is almost nonexistent and slightly better than p2p kaillera).

always so mean :lol:

very funny though :slight_smile: ^