Kaillera Garou: Mark Of The Wolves Tournament (11/26/2006)

We’re looking to hit the 32 player mark

Game: Mark Of The Wolves (Set 1)

Emulator: MAME32K 0.64

Date: Sunday November 26th

Time: 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Format: 2/3 Falls, Double Elimination. 3/5 Falls Winners and Losers Finals. 4/7 Grand Finals.

Server: Godweapon Server 1, Anti3D

All brackets will be co-ordinated through #garoutournament on Efnet.


  • Mandatory IRC rule is still in effect. If you have come across players on Kaillera that play this game please send them a link to this thread and tell them to get IRC. I will not co-ordinate matches between IRC and Kaillera because people don’t want to take 30 seconds for a couple meg download.

  • Boss characters are allowed. Be ready to play against them.

  • The ranks from the previous twelve tournaments will be used in this tournament. Any new players will be inserted at random in remaining slots.

Oret! Im there :tup:

I’ll have a working control pad by this point (fucking SF Anniversary pad does rotations 50/50) and I’ll be sure to actually practice up for this one. Hopefully I’ll get another crack at 9999, who continues to improve every time I play him.

lets get owned again, im in

I will play this round.


In. Damn 4 character minimun.

I think I can make it for this one…

can we get a standard rule set posted though?
Couple items of personal interest:

  1. Player Selection (Standard winner sticks, loser can re-pick?)
  2. T.O.P. Percentage Adjustments (NOT talking about Position Adjustments)
  3. Spectators (what they can and can not do, if they’re permitted to spec)
  4. Desyncs (what’s the procedure for redos / restarts)
  5. Pausing the game, other emulator related game settings/issues, etc.

I have specific reasons for asking about each of these, and want to be 100% prepared, without any debate, over how they are to be handled.

I intend to do this again. And lose (probably).


  1. Thats the rule
  2. 1.25x only
  3. Up to the players, can cause lag/desynch though
  4. Not too sure on this one…
  5. I think that can/could be up to the players as well, not sure though.

Hitaro, what do you mean?

Thanks for the kind words Nagata :sweat:

VBulliten (SRK forum) forces you to type in a minumun of 4 characters per post. I wanted to just type “In.”.

Gotcha. If any of you want to practice, just hit me up on msn, Im always up for some rounds.

Kicks and Spud, you guys need to dl msn :arazz:

I’m really bad at Garou, but I think it would be fun to play some good people and improve my skills, so I’ll join in.

I’m willing to get beatdown again. Had fun last time.

november? sounds like enough time for me to get back in the groove, been a while since i really played…

count me in!

I’m in this time… if I don’t have work.

Thanks for the info.

For #3 I was mostly concerned with specs giving out hints and suggestions during the match and with #5 I was more thinking about situations like EVO where an out of the blue pause would be terms for disqualification.

And not that #4 happens alot, but I could see it getting messy if it ever did, especially during the finals. I mean let’s say it’s the final match, round three, and it’s all tied up (obviously). Player 1 has 85% health, and Player 2 has 5% health (with T.O.P. in, so his health is regenerating), and someone desyncs? Is that round played again? Is that entire matchup played again? Does the win just go to Player 1? Does the one who desynced have to forfeit? Are all finals recorded so “judges” can deliberate?

I mean I’ve seen some amazing comebacks in my day. People multi-just defending potential attacks and getting a decent health boost, guard canceling into potentials, etc. Hell a single hit landed either way in this game can turn the tables greatly. So I figured I’d just ask and see what the census was. What are everyone’s opinion on this matter?

  1. Winning character stays
  2. 1.25 (personally I don’t care about this one but 1.25 is the going change rate)
  3. No spectators. It increases the lag in the game
  4. Replay. The regular tournament players and new ones alike have never been such assholes as to drop or dsync the game purposely. The only fair resolution is a replay.
  5. I’ve personally run 11 of the 13 tournaments and never come across this being such an issue that players complained.

You guys should give me Byes until the finals…

Cause its gonna be like that.



j/k - But yea my birthday is the friday before so I dunno.

not much of a garou player but count me in, my kaillera name is juno_dk