Kaillera Garou: Mark Of The Wolves Tournament (06/11/2006)

Big drop off from last time but that seems to be the norm every second tourney…

1st - Shikamar
2nd - Ace_Uno
3rd - EMMA
4th - Nagata Lock II
5th - Lando
5th - Supermac
7th - Braver
7th - Garcia
9th - Kicks
9th - 9999
9th - no9176
9th - V040488V
13th - Napkins
13th - PhoenixNL
13th - WSOP (DQ’d in Losers Bracket)
13th - Shikaku
17th - Musahii
17th - Izlude
17th - Wingsrow (DQ’d in Losers Bracket)

GG’s to everyone.

That was pretty damn fun. I’m definitely gonna try and make more of these from now on.

See you cats next time around.

Thanks for the tourney, Nagata! You’re the best! Crossface Cripplers all around!


congratulations shikamaru… well done, your victory close some mouth here.


Coco team.-

vicio first!


I need to get in on one of these tournies. I freakin’ love Garou.
Definitely gonna keep my eyes and ears open now that I know
these things are being held. I’m not all that good, but hey, the
more the merrier I say.

Hey, does anyone have any input recordings I can check out?

This was my first online tourney and it was pretty cool. I need more pratice as being taken out 0-2 is not nice =(

Congratulations SHIKAMARU!! Keep the good work up, and representing the Dominican Republic!

Damnit, I missed this one. When is the next one? I am fucking bored, and feel like playing Garou again.

Thanks to all of you guys, I will put the videos tomorrow at 4PM.

Here is the videos guys…enjoy them.

While it worked out to Ace’s benefit, I thought everyone knew that you can’t change characters if you are the winning player. I guess I’ll have to make an addendum to the tournament notes specifying that. Has this practice been occurring a lot in MOTW tournies? I haven’t personally seen it.

well done shikamaru.

long life for dominican fighters.

where is the video???

Please shikimar, Upload again :wink: