Kaillera fighting game scene dyeing?

I’ve been playing on kaillera for about 3 or 4 years on and off. Recently in the past two years I’ve notice that while the level of competition in some games has risen. the over all number of new players we’ve been getting have been decreasing. This to me is very troubling because if it keeps up the community is going to become progressively smaller. Until its not even wroth the time loading up our Mame’s to play online.

Now, I want to point out something here, that I’m not sure your aware of. A lot of you think that, a lot of you guys who think that the Kaillera community is going to go down, and that people are going to just stick to playing on Zbattle or w/e, I’m telling you that some of the feed back that I’ve been getting from people who didn’t even know people still played on Kaillera, or some people asking what Kaillera is. One of the main questions asked are, what are some of the best servers for people living in Vancouver or So Cal etc etc. Now of course the first ones that come to mind are God weapon, Anti3d, Daroms and Emularena. There’s a lot of people who generally ask how to connect to these servers, whats the most played games all types of things like that.

This is all just from me asking around to people on my msn/aim/yahoo, and when I am jumping on irc or going into other things. This isn’t just from that totally. its also form Cyber games Gamefaqs. There’s a lot of people who want to pick up fighters and play on Kaillera , mad hard core. They want to pick up fighters and play them on Kaillera so seriously that its ridiculous. Because they feel that fighting games, (litterly this is them speaking) can be fun and realistically competitive online. Its also coming form guys who play FPS shooters. ( TO em fps is boring , its dog shit but that’s just me)

And ya lots of these people are new and don’t really understand wtf “qcf+p” means. Or what “wake up dragon punch” means. But once they understand our terminology, and start to get a good understanding about the head games in fighters.(Well they can tell when someones getting their ass beat)

But really to tell the truth, there is a lot of untapped potential with Kaillera. because there is nothing like, sure you have Zbattle and its less delay. But there isn’t any thing on the net like Kaillera. No where were you can play your SNK and Capcom games. At least not to the level of competitive play like you can on Kaillera. Even on Zbattle, it isn’t as deep or as large as Kaillera really could be.

But here is one of the key problems we have on Kaillera. When new people come to our servers there’s generally a few questions asked

Where can I get Roms?
Why wont someone join my game? (When using the wrong emulator)
Why is my ping so high?

Now you know what the response is to these questions. FUCK OFF YA STUPID NOOB. Or some corny, unnecessary ignorant comment. How does this help our community?
If we insult, put down and hassle new players and make them feel as if Kaillera isn’t a welcoming community they will do one thing. LEAVE and with that we then lose a new player. Of course we can’t expect every one on Kaillera to play nice be friends with every one else. But we can do our best to help these people get put in the right direction.

Now the answer to these problems is simple. First lets get at one question, what has any one done for the Kaillera community what ever you know that someones done for the community of players on Kaillera, has done to help it?

Please in detail, what has any one done to the Kaillera community to effect it in a positive way To grow from where its started to where it is now More over, what has a clan on Kaillera or a team done on Kaillera to positively effect the community on Kaillera to help it grow in a positive way?


So no one has really helped try to build the community to try to get the fighting game tournaments scene fun etc out there to the players on srk combo videos and various other cite OK so what would you say would be the best way to help a “clan/team/Kaillera” grow

Because the answer is to have champions aka people who win tournaments or who are very skilled players and people who have influential , personalities and try to market those type of people and try to get them. to be your advocates, so your ambassadors of your community and market them

So guys like DVG, Ryu1999, T-Kimura all those type of guys, and try to build up a profile for them and sell them Sell to people who know nothing about fighting games or about the online community of players to which we have the reason Kaillera is dieing is because we arn’t appealing to people who want to pic up these game but those guys i named represent there genre of there companies

Mvc Xvsf all that type of stuff even when you see matches of them or combo videos of them, they are who people see and they are who they want to play like or be like as a player well my job as a clan/teams leader on Kaillera (As should be others as well) for what we do is to make sure our clan/teams keeps on rolling so that as our clan/teams keeps rolling, every game they we try to represent can be fixed at the same time

(this is my goal) by binding every one together we make a louder voice that we can market them to your average player who is interested in playing or joining a clan or who doesn’t know shit about fighting games and is willing to learn them or get on Kaillera just to play.

Now for the gamer who is becoming interested in playing on Kaillera is looking at it like a player, but lets think of it as someone who is investing money (time) into Kaillera. They are seeing a lucrative market, or a demographic that they can spend their money (time) on. to get money (Fun) from them. So the our object is to lure them here, into our community. Now, if Kaillera can become a big enough name by Kaillera unifying all the clans within our community. We our forcing the players to focus on one entity, Like a huge common wealth

Now when they look into the direction of a common wealth (Kaillera), it is up to that commonwealth to move in the direction they want the players to go to, there not going they arn’t going to jump online to play when they are met with negativity, but if they see that investing their time will equal them having more fun, they are going to want to get involved

Now your question maybe, WTF is this guy rambling on about. Well as the threads name has stated Kaillera is slowly dyeing. So what I am going to be doing i s getting sponsors (well Lol more sponsors) to help put money into a real online tournament where it actually pays out and it doesn’t cost people money to enter.

So people who want to help get involved contact me on Aim or msn, I’m also hoping to get on Alphaism radio to talk about every thing I just said here

shiro dk420


I do see alot of negative comments and arguements about matches. I’ve managed to snag a few good gamers with good manners for online gaming and keep them on my msn contacts. I tend to stay away from the gamers who are way “too” into these games to start arguements over it. People that feel the need to put down new players are ruining the online experience for each party. This just increases the new players to not play online as much.

Yep thats true, which is why I’ve said all that stuff above about try to get things going

Whats killing Kaillera is the lack of new games (good ones) and discontinued development.

Look at the most popular games in the big servers like Godweapon and Reps. You’ll mostly see SFA3 and MVC, occassionally KOF98/02 and Garou. These games are old, and don’t even have proper scenes offline let alone online in the western world.

CPS3 decryption has finally started it appears, which will probably breathe new life into Kaillera, and hopefully make people play with newer emulaters. But its probably gonna be too little too late. 3s has been on xbl for years, and newer fighters are either too hardcore (specs wise) for emulators or they are doujin and have their own netplay system.

The big problem though is that the netplay code will never improve, so if newer more demanding games come to kaillera, lag may well make these games unplayable, as the netcode isn’t good enough to send massive amounts of data. Our only hope is if the source gets released. This could open up more problems. If lots of people get thier hands on it there could be loads of diff versions of kaillera, dividing the community, as they will most likely be uncompatible.

Yes, kaillera is doomed.

good riddens. maybe someone skilled will actually provide an even better netplay api for emulators.

Wish someone was really working on a new kaillera, and that superclient doesn’t count…

Also, a lot of the new ones coming in are Mexicans. If you go play 2k2, half the random games don’t speak English. Skill levels widely vary with the Mexicans- some real good, some real bad.

that’s not really true. for one, we still should keep our focus on the old school games we have like st a3 xvsf etc… because they do in fact of scenes on the western side of the world. I’ve helped develop the xvsf scene in Canada. Which is now recognized as a competitive scene here in Canada. At T8 (Biggest tournament in Canada) We run xvsf and A3 there so those games do have a scene. I am going to be working on the scene for Mvc1 if it is possible to have it grow.

But in respects for the evolution of fighting games on kaillera, we have had GGxx recently appear on kaillera as well as Cvs1 SfAE, T3 (well at least more frequently) not to mention to new kof games that continuously come on kaillera. so its not to say that we are not getting new games. but more like we are not getting enough new player’s the scene is dieing, it just needs more exposure to players who don’t know about it.

The more people that know about what we are doing and what kaillera has ot offer in terms of fun. the more they will come to our community to play these games and try to get on a competive level

This is my theory… Now that I’m awake Shiro, I can answer a tiny bit better.

When I go on Kaillera, here’s what I see… the same few games all day… Now, don’t get me wrong, as I play Super Turbo and Marvel, one over a decade, and Marvel just under old… the current generation of gamers don’t want to play older 2D games, since they didn’t grow up with them. Now, that’s not necessarily a problem, and think here hypothetically. I can’t vouch for every player of course, but I can for a general synopsis. The current generation of players are growing up in an era where everything is about visual appeal. Why play street fighter 2? It’s 2D, and they only have 3 moves each! I’ll play dead or alive! I’ll play Mortal Kombat! Neither of which are on Kaillera… (and no, I don’t mean UMK3 and the other ones)

That’s one major turn off to newer players. Another…

People are leaving Kaillera due to getting older. I don’t play almost at all, because I have more important things to do than play laggy fighting games with the type of people that typically play on Kaillera. I don’t mean to offend, as I’ve played many awesome players, and made quite a few friends on it. I’m referring to the people that start drama because they think they’re good. Playing online is one thing, but seriously, don’t think that you’re some hotass online and talk about every person you beat as though you’re some top player. most of the people that have beaten me on Kaillera, I could only hope they play the game better IRL, because i can’t play well online with lag, and with a keyboard or logitech rumble pad. No, it’s not an excuse, but how would you feel if you can’t correctly cancel a c.hp xx shinku hadouken, beacuse yuo’re on a crappy pad? anybody with no skill can feed off of execution mistakes because the opponents’ method of input sucks.

Another gripe I’ve come to have on Kaillera is auto fire and macros. Sorry, but you can’t hit PPP 100% accurately on a stick or pad, without using a 3P button. I’ve seen people tri jump with magneto in XSF virtually on the ground, and then claim that they don’t use macros. With the lag and all, that’s impossible. I can tri jump really fucking fast in XSF with a stick, but not even that fast. Autofire, in the program is disabled, fine… but there’ also pads that have it within the pad itself. Especially since there’s converters where yuo can use a playstatoin, xbox, or snes pad, that have it built right into the pad. Kaillera doesn’t always detect that. I’ve never played a Chun Li player in A2 who can perfectly get the full damage on her CC in the arcade, and I’ve played top players. On Kaillera, I have.

Lastly, wtf is up with me getting banned from godweapon? Somebody was using infinite meter shit in our game, I get kicked, and then when I try to go back in to warn people, it tells me I’m banned. what the fuck was that? that’s the last time I played kaillera, about 8 months ago…

Most of the old A3 crew is gone. I havent seen Lucky in a long time, Kyokuji’s addicted WOW, Slide’s in Qatar, Toma$$ is only on once in a blue moon and usually under a diff sn, Plutoburn’s MIA as well.

I think the avg skill level is worse, because I remember back in the day when scrubs knew how to lag abuse well (cough Hadou Ken), now they don’t even know how to do that right. I pretty much amuse myself with little challenges such as beating them with one button (i.e. st. rh, jump rh, cr. rh), only overheads or with only throws though the latter is practically impossible since they do so little damage

OK lets try to put things in perspective. You have obviously had a bad experience with kaillera. Which is what i want to veer away from. I’m not saying that things like that wont ever happen, but we can work on trying to avoid that type of shit.

Ryu’s era is over, he does not have to die but he does need to step back. So in-terms of our culture of today being that kids are growing up around 3d games and that’s what there into. Well that’s cool its not 100% true but it is still cool. We still have games like Soul calibur, Tekken 6, V5, Doa5 brawl all coming out.

But the reason why it is not 100% true, is because we still have games like Melty blood, GG #slash and accent core (Which i think is the new gg) the new kof games are still out there. They are picking up a scene. Also to be technical, we do have the countless anime 2d fighters, but lets keep shit real. The 2d game do not have the strength to lead the fighting game community, but they are just as much apart of them as the rest are. Also Guilty gear is a good franchise that’s going to keep growing, as well as king of fighters.
But lets stick to what the topics about. Aside form laggy game here and there, the real problem is some of the people online and the delay. that shit can be handles with taking time to get use to the delay. and learning how to press that kick button, If you feel someones cheating then just leave that game and set up one of your own. Kailllera is trying to evolve its gaming and if we have to wait a while to see 3s mvc2 and cvs2 on there. then that’s just what we’ll do.
In the mean time, we should work with what we got. Which is the old school fighters, lets not shy away from them., There’s still a lot of people picking these game sup. So spreading the word on them will only help our cause, and grow the kaillera community.
Be on the look out for the next massive multi game tournament i host. which will pay out real money and cost nothing to enter it.
Also to go back on the Kaillera net code, let me quote motm on this

Things are not so black and white. Things are being done to help what it is we are trying to do here. People are putting in their work, so lets work with them and get back to building our community. Because for the people who keep saying its dead no ones going to help it, you know what, if your not helping with whats going on, your apart of the fucking problem too. So lets work together

That and they mash too much for you to be able to throw them most of the time.

I’ve considered kaillera to be dead for quite some time. The serious players are starting to leave, the number of beginners (as well as idiots) is increasing rapidly. Nowadays I have to ban/silence at least 10 people every day, because they don’t know how to act like people in the server.

Kof competition is garbage. It’s sad that even kofman doesn’t play anymore, there’s hardly anyone good and has resulted in me having to go to kof98 (which has some good players). And all I see nowadays are people spamming “you got pwned” in the server. Kaillera is really decaying…

They also said I use macros in kof because my combos were supposedly “too impossible for online” but they’re clearly wrong there.

You should have just told an admin about that…

Also I’m failing to see the problem with beginners. the whole point of helping to build a scene is to have beginners playing the game and learning. Every single player was a scrub when they first started playing. SO nit picking about how they play and shit isn’t going to help get them better or help your scene out at all.


well I was actually referring to beginners that don’t seem to care about improving, and spam/talk shit instead. i’ve seen very few beginners lately that actually cared to get better…

the anime games kinda come and go if you notice… MBAC was huge back a few months ago, now it’s barely spoken of… I have the same prediction for Arcana heart, and any other doujin fighter that comes out.

Sure the games are popular, but think of the people that play them. Can you go to a game store and really think everybody knows of KoF XI or Guilty Gear Accent Core? hell naw! most of the American gamers think that Isuka’s the newest one, and most haven’t been on KoF since 2k3, although some consider the 3D games the newest ones. Seriously, the SNK packs aren’t as popular as SF2 was in the day. at the end, 2D games are a dying breed, and it’s going to be very difficult to get new players involved in teh scene. I’m glad dagio’s little parry exhibition made people play SF3 though. we need something like that again.


Well i dont expect gg to be going any where but up brotha. believe it. i gotta bounce tho. i expect this threat to explode

guitly gear might be the next big thing… but i think it’s too complex for most players… they like simple shit like Soul Calibur… lol

yeah, i signed off right quick cuz my boss came by.

GG will also turn off a lot of players due to it’s system-fu.

Noticed there are two types of GG fans- hardcore players and anime scrubs. Very few casual players who aren’t into anime. Thinking the most likely em sources will be 3S and maybe KOF XI. Not everyone owned an Xbox and Xbox live.

Soul Calibur has the potential to be a top tier series, but Namco keeps scrubbing it up.

that shit’s the truth!

GG players are really good or really shitty

SC sucks after SC2, and even 2 was worse than 1.

I liked GG due tot he music… then i hated it when i couldn’t combo.