Kailler p2p port problem

I’ve been playing Kaillera p2p for the last couple of days without a problem. Tonight, I tried to access netplay and couldn’t. My IP address wasn’t even showing up on the client when I hit the “whatsmyip” button. I didn’t screw with any of my ports so I went to whatsmyip.org to scan port 27886. It showed up as timed-out and I have no clue what that means.

I tried running the command prompt "telnet <ip> <port> for my computer and internet ip addresses and it says: “could not open up connection to the host on port 27886. Connection failed”.

Anyone know what’s going on?

You need to find out what your LOCAL IP is, and open the port to that.

So bring command prompt and do an ipconfig
it will show what your IP is in there. Something like

Alright. Just woke up and tried this again and now it’s working. Once again, didn’t touch anything. Must have been something on the Kaillera side.